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  1. 100% Agree there should be some way or just standard to have a larger team size. The current work arounds to the issue as mentioned before just really don't work the greatest and the best option would be if we could somehow increase the overall cap in the team. Some newer players or old returning players dont experience teams because most of the active ones that have been around for awhile are filled with active players and to no fault of their own can't invite any more players. But having experienced players in a team with new players is such a great benefit for the community! Hope we can see this changed in the future! TheEternalVoid Team ZomB
  2. Hello Shasta28 this is because the Devs implemented a Seasons affect to the game recently. So the pictures and videos you are seeing are more than likely either A. from before the change or B. during a different season Hope this helps ! If you look in the bug fixes of that change log one of them refers to the seasons monthly changes. Have fun !
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