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  1. im okay with the sets, im less okay with the neutral natures and the 85 EV spread across all IVs lol.
  2. i know u guys like our communist friends a lot, but market manipulation is a bit much imo
  3. i still dont agree with the idea that healing pokemon in secret bases would be unfair/gamebreaking or whatever, it has been asked for a lot and i still support it.
  4. but u have the information, both in changelogs and in the item description. if ur unschooled to the point of being illiterate, then maybe u should work on that instead of playing videogames!
  5. these people should be way more embarrassed about threads like this
  6. Gift shop -> Vanity items -> Bicycle -> Motorcycle (1000 RP) or you can find it on GTL
  7. this just shows how broken the education system is tbh
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