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  1. this title is worse than anything i ever got muted for and i love it
  2. I did. "lol you guys dont have to rebreed your mons, just breed another one!" Yea... great. Good suggestion, very insightful, helpful & relevant.
  3. no... you. Have you even considered the possibility that some mons may need their HA to move up to OU? Or that..... other tiers exist? God and then you're calling other people stupid lmao
  4. While i dont agree with everything the OP said, im definitely more in favour of some sort untradeable HA pill as a reward for the dungeons, than having to rebreed 75% of all your current comps.
  5. I've responded to the rest of your post before, you can keep repeating that "i dont understand", but i do. I'm just not giving the answers you like to hear. After this i'm done responding to you, there's no point. If by "making yen" you mean "generating yen"; Yes. I don't like the other ways of generating yen. Duh. Neither do you, you only made this thread because you're frustrated that doing gymruns isn't rewarding you at all. I obtain more money daily by doing things that aren't berryfarming, but if you were to remove the option to generate money, this would affect all other ways of obtaining money as well. Berries would be dirtcheap, items would drop in price even more since more people would resort to farming and the items that have actually been negatively affected by the inflation wouldn't drop in price, because the damage is done. Not to mention the fact that the people who are now farming berries on 10 alts, would do gymruns on those alts to still generate their money. Which means the only people you punish by this, are people like me, just farming on 2-3 accounts, who are not responsible for the inflation at all. The way i see it, there is no solution for bringing the prices of the old vanities back down. And if your viewpoint is that there's too much money being generated and that's a bad thing (which again, i dont agree on), then you have to look at the amount of alts being used, not the mechanic itself.
  6. I understand perfectly fine, thank you for your concern. I've discussed it with multiple people here now, i feel that's more productive than doing it with you. No offense. To use Funk's words: In regards to the old vanities (which really imo is the only bad effect of all this); you're fucked either way.
  7. Oh no it's boring af, but at least its something that only takes 20 minutes, then you do other stuff, then another 20 minutes etc. Opposed to spending an hour and a half doing the same boring thing. And right.
  8. Well, it's not a bad thing either. The ability to generate money has to exist. Preferably one that isn't as boring, braindead & timeconsuming as gymruns. I genuinely believe that nerfing berryfarming even more won't fix the inflated vanity prices. Right now there's somewhat of a level playing field. If you want to do so, you can be one of those people farming berries on 10 accounts for 40 hours a week. If you take that away now, the players that have been doing that and the ones holding those rare vanities have an even bigger advantage. One more thing i'd like to add is that i also believe the people farming on 10 accounts are still a minority. If you nerf berries further, it will still be profitable for them (but less), but it won't be profitable at all for people like you and me who do it on 2-3 accounts. Not to mention the people doing it on just 1 account.
  9. Yes and generating money has been a thing forever. That's why it's already been nerfed, that's why islandruns were a thing, that's why gymrematches exist. Now it's berryfarming. When i ask "what will removing this accomplish?" im implying that the items/mons that have gone up because of inflation, won't come back down if you remove this option. Not too long ago, the main complaint was that money was too hard to obtain. Now everything you need to play the game is affordable and we have a reliable way of making money. On the other hand, the rare vanities have skyrocketed in price, but it's silly to just blame that on berryfarming. With the influx of new players demand has been raised, with the years that have passed since those items were obtainable, supply has diminished. If anything, the berries-to-NPC mechanic has just sped up an inevitable process. So yes, I don't see the problem but more importantly, I don't see a solution in removing/nerfing this, for the problem you and others do see. And ehh, "too lazy" huh? Ironic Paul.
  10. Alright well, i asked you a question first tho. You want the option of NPCs buying your berries at $600-$1050 removed, for what reason? What will that accomplish? The extremely rare vanities are not going to drop because of this, the newer vanities won't reach the same heights because of that option disappearing/existing. Berries aren't the only farmable item in the game with this privilege. I'm not exactly keen on telling you some others, but this is just inaccurate. Even the type-enhancing items sell for more to NPCs than the berries, which in some cases (poison barb, miracle seed come to mind) is in fact the better option than GTL imo. Berries are just "easier" to obtain in large quantities. Here's a picture of people farming items for the sole purpose of selling them to NPCs. And if you have the proper tools for it, a pretty damn good option if you ask me.
  11. Well, that's just the way it works tho doesn't it? If you buy flowers irl, put them in a pot and then go on vacation for 2 weeks, your plant is gonna die. This is why i'm not buying the whole comparing it to gyms and time put in argument, if you're gonna force yourself to stick to a schedule, you should be rewarded for it. Trust me, if the reward here sucked, no one would do this, definitely not on multiple alts. As far as dungeons are concerned, based on the info we/i have right now (and correct me if i'm wrong here) it would include hidden abilities and possibly legendaries, which is a completely different incentive than moneymaking.
  12. Why? What would this accomplish? Because if you think by doing this, items like the flaming skulls are gonna drop in price, you are going to be disappointed. Also, if you do all gyms it takes you about 1.5 hours but you make 280k-ish (been a while for me), definitely not 140k.
  13. I really believe that that has more to do with the influx of players and older players with those items disappearing, then people using berryfarming to gain money. If you forget about the berries and just use supply/demand 101 for those items, it makes perfect sense. That being said, 1000% is abnormal, but i highly doubt that if you would even take away the option to sell berries to NPCs, that would change anything now. And just to be clear, there is no NPC giving you more money per berry than GTL. Leppas still sell for more than whatever the NPC pays. And yes, berryfarming is the most rewarding moneymaking option in the game. I don't think anyone is arguing that fact. My point is more that it's a good thing this option exists, so you're not forced to spend all your time grinding money instead of playing the game. I really like shinyhunting, but if i had to spend 2 hours beating up NPCs in braindead battles, i'm really not in the mood to go do that anymore.
  14. I highly doubt that's what happens or that the difference is that high. You can have 4 devices, you still only have 2 hands and can only do 1 thing at a time. So I'm not buying that. I wouldn't call spending 17 hours in 3 days berryfarming little effort. But again, if your favourite thing to do is AFK (guilty), then farming berries does give you that option while not being broke. I don't see how thats a bad thing. If by things going up in value by 1000% you mean kyu hat, flaming skulls etc. i kinda see your point, but at the same time that's inevitable considering these items are limited and were distributed before the influx of chinese players. The berryfarming system might've sped up the process, but this wouldve happened either way. If those aren't the items you mean, then idk what you're talking about. But if you truly believe that this takes no effort, then all i can say is that i disagree. Coming from someone who farms them on just 2 accounts. edit; and i dont want to repeat myself, but those items went up in price before harvesting tool prices were raised and NPC payout for berries was lowered, just saying.
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