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  1. just gonna piggyback on this suggestion by adding that rewards could be secret base items, since i dont feel like spending bp on them.
  2. :) :D :O :l :( :@ yw
  3. if this isn't a bug, this is some truly terrible gamedesign.
  4. it doesnt seem to be that way.
  5. take away this mans power to make threads
  6. Minks

    nearby players

    this might be your dumbest thread so far
  7. Minks

    Shiny Day

    No, we already know its a bad idea
  8. I think Funk's idea of randomizing the bracket is a better solution to this. Not a fan of scouting.
  9. listen here son, the only thing worse than women's soccer is this election goddamnit
  10. I dont like bestfriends. Not at all. But the whole mayor dealio only matters to him, and you guys are actively working on taking that away from him. Let me repeat myself; You are taking away a FORUMTITLE to give it to someone that DOESNT USE THE FORUMS. The only thing he does is host tournaments, so yes, his only merit is literally giving stuff away. If he didn't do that, no one would vote for that rando. This entire thing is just sad and it tells u a lot about some people.
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