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  1. Minks

    Held item rate

    Did the held item rate get nerfed with the last update? I feel like i've tested enough now to avoid confirmation bias and it does seem like a possibility with the implementation of the itemcharm.
  2. Minks

    Bugged Kanga Sucker against Ghost Type

    OP sounds like he has trouble keeping saliva in his mouth
  3. Minks


    you seem like a perfect fit
  4. Minks

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    Stop banning mons & implement team preview is the best thing i've read in this thread so far.
  5. Minks

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    im serious yes, i guess we disagree then. Either way, like i said before, if you want to disregard the fact that Togekiss is a good option to have around to stop walls, offensive rain/sand teams still beat it. i can read perfectly fine thank you, i just chose to ignore your stupid suggestion.
  6. Minks

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    This thread only exists because of flinches/serene grace, pretending it's based on its good stats or movepool or whatever is just lying or kidding yourself. 90% of people doing MM/ OU tours are using 4 walls, removing Togekiss would be more unhealthy than keeping it imo. The popular rain/sand teams also beat it quite easily. Just do better.
  7. Minks

    Extra XP weekend

    Sure, why not.
  8. Minks

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    yes that is correct
  9. Minks

    Look for ?x31 in gtl

    Yes that's what i do and thus i dont think this is necessary.
  10. Minks

    Look for ?x31 in gtl

    ...are you for real? There's a "minimum IV" option right there, just put it at 31. There's no reason to just be looking at random 2x31s.
  11. Minks

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    sad to inform you that flat earthers are very real and no trolls
  12. I doubt they're gonna do this, but it could be fun. I'd rather they fix UU/NU matchmaking first, but oh well. Upvoted.
  13. Minks

    Quick Wishlist

    increase BP payout for unranked UU/NU matchmaking so people are more inclined to play it.
  14. Minks

    Tournament Prizes For DQ'D Players

    id upvote but that t series comment is unacceptable, you got what you deserved imo

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