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  1. tbh i dont like this either, its literally just wasting time and being annoying. no one is gonna lose the battle because of them healing, we just lose time for no reason.
  2. nah lets keep it the way it is, fair
  3. "in conclusion, we dont need incentives to catch them, because there is no incentive to catch them." that is what ur saying
  4. boltblades is too good for pokemmo pvp, its way too predictable and boring for that einstein level IQ of his, so he wouldnt know this
  5. what you can pickup depends on the location, meowth holding a silk scarf will still pick up the same type/amount of items.
  6. i found a shiny muk before i found a toxic orb muk, tru story
  7. id rather not have to wait 1 minute every time i list something, thats gonna take forever. just pay more attention pls
  8. and what exactly does this have to do with my opinion being; if u get banned for chatrelated incidents, you should get more information than just "inappropriate chat conduct"? I never said "hey, give these RMTers tips on how not to get caught next time" Anything i said regarding RMT should just be viewed as "yea they make mistakes" and i wasnt referring to u, i was referring to the 2 that quoted me, which they did because they know im right about them. Gonna make a simple analogy here, but if i get a speeding ticket it tells me how fast i was going and where i got caught. Not "Speeding" and the amount i have to pay. If that was the case, i'd have to first find out if it was accurate, if i was in fact speeding, if i was at that location etc etc. Adding an extra step and more work for both me and the authorities. That is currently how the appeal system works here and you can cut out half the work if instead you'd get "inappropriate chat conduct, at 4:20 pm you said <this>". That has been my entire point, from the very beginning, i hope you understand better now, mister "former GM". :')
  9. Yea, my (extremely low) opinion of you does not cloud my judgement on moderation of Pokemmo. I'd say nice try, but it really wasn't.
  10. i dont think u know what that last word means sir. the fact that people get banned for RMT when they dont, the fact that ive had multiple punishments for offenses in chat succesfully appealed, proves that moderation could be better. imo, transparency such as giving logs ( instead of posting "inappropriate chat conduct" and nothing else) and telling us what staff member handed out the punishment, are 2 possible things that could improve moderation.
  11. No, i think banning someone for RMT, providing "evidence" for that ban and then having to unban him because they were wrong is objectively negative and a mistake. How about just sticking to the arguments used instead of thinking because i got banned a few times, that somehow "clouds my judgement". It doesn't. When it comes to RMT, i dont think they should give out logs or whatever at the moment of handing out a punishment, i never said that so idk where you got this idea from. Also tell me Malorne, that time when you were trying to get some of us to shittalk staff, so you could go and snitch, is that something that would invalidate your opinion on topics like this or nah?
  12. this is a dumb statement thing is, OP has a point and the person that gave the example of someone being banned for RMT, staff providing "evidence" of this and then him getting unbanned anyway because the evidence was never evidence in the first place, proves that. Sadly there are people in here that are so far up staffs ass for some reason, they are derailing the thread on purpose.
  13. most of the mutes/bans for chatrelated incidents i've experienced or seen from other people vary from harsh to unjustified. if you give out the logs that broke the rules, at the time of getting punished, you will see less appeals.
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