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  1. i got 275/275 and got it, so yes ur missing something and its not arceus.
  2. i like sinnoh and i am looking forward to it, but god this would be hilarious
  3. ok but can we have an outbox like we have our inbox, so when we make a mistake, we can contact that person, if he/she exists?
  4. tbh i dont like this either, its literally just wasting time and being annoying. no one is gonna lose the battle because of them healing, we just lose time for no reason.
  5. nah lets keep it the way it is, fair
  6. "in conclusion, we dont need incentives to catch them, because there is no incentive to catch them." that is what ur saying
  7. boltblades is too good for pokemmo pvp, its way too predictable and boring for that einstein level IQ of his, so he wouldnt know this
  8. what you can pickup depends on the location, meowth holding a silk scarf will still pick up the same type/amount of items.
  9. i found a shiny muk before i found a toxic orb muk, tru story
  10. id rather not have to wait 1 minute every time i list something, thats gonna take forever. just pay more attention pls
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