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  1. bump, i dotn think this issue is resolvd yet
  2. i was in favor of this, but staff had to remove my comment for the 19272nd time, so now im against it.
  3. revz exposed what a bombshell story
  4. This. Obviously you dont want to punish people for forfeiting, but you shouldnt punish winners for their opponents forfeiting either.
  5. yes i was trying to make fun of @pachima's linoone name and i couldnt, please revert this
  6. happy birthday @Mike
  7. Minks

    Swarm Alerts

    The only one that isnt easy is Unova because TVs dont work there, but you can see the swarms near the port spots. This house right in front of Vermilion port shows Kanto swarms. This house south of Slateport shipyard shows Hoenn swarms. This house next to the sailor in Pastoria shows Sinnoh swarms.
  8. Minks


    huh whats this covid 19 ur talking about?
  9. got a dog, i evolved it bc i like this one better
  10. Minks

    Change Thief TM

    The mechanic exists the way it does to avoid farming for eternity with a level 100, like u r suggesting.
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