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  1. clicked my screen 74 times before i realized i didnt select ur text
  2. doesnt really matter, i do all gyms + 2 undella trainers in about 40 minutes, which means that you can do the dragon gym puzzle in 15 minutes and still only use 1 coin. If you're gonna do all 3 regions you need 2 coins anyway.
  3. Yes that rule is also a problem, if you connect it to the issue raised in this topic, 1 staff member will punish you for something another won't. That is exactly why it should be either allowed or put in the CoC. Jokes or mentions of alcohol are totally fine btw, which is hypocritical and illogical. As you pointed out in your last sentence, the things that are said in global sometimes without consequence are ridiculous compared to making a weed-joke. Yet for some reason certain staff just can't handle it. edit; again, a bunch of posts criticizing staff have been deleted. why? it's on topic.
  4. i see my post on this subject was deleted (thanks for proving my point), so im just gonna write it again. A friend of mine was banned for 2 days for breaking this non-existent rule. I dont see why it's so hard to either leave those players alone or add a line to the CoC. Right now, you people are banning players for no reason and since apparently you also delete any type of criticism towards the moderation of this game, i'm now forced to believe this creates a loophole for staff to ban people they dont like. As posted in the OP, the only mention of drugs in the CoC is in regards to usernames or teamnames, it doesn't say anything about the chat. Fix it or stop punishing people for rules you make up on the spot.
  5. shoutout hota and the chinese uwu
  6. Minks


    sure, what could possibly go wrong?
  7. i only play this game for the lit outfits
  8. discharge/hp ice jolteon with volt absorb + discharge/hp grass manectric with lightningrod scarf primeape literally anything else (i use furret for example bc its cute as heck)
  9. that's probably why he said "in the vast majority of cases", so people like you don't bring up broken gen 1 games.
  10. Minks

    Value Advice

    Timid natured, value would be around..?
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