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  1. You've just nailed it. The absolute BEST money making activity in the game is now what, just over 100k every 6 hours? It's also only accessible to the people who were able to take advantage of the earlier money making methods enough to be able to have enough spare lvl 100s to answer the teams each day. It's not viable for someone trying to explore end game. Just like you said as well, it's supposed to be the "best"? That's not nearly as enjoyable of an experience as what we had last year.
  2. Hi guys. :) I just wanted to take a moment to thank the developers and staff that make this game possible. Pokemon is one of my all time favorite franchises, and I think we all know how desperately the main games desperately needed more MMO features. After playing several online Poke-MMO services, I can easily say that this is hands down the best one. First of all, they understand what it takes to transform a Pokemon game into a fully fledged MMO experience. It's not easy to solve problems such as economy balancing, networking, and a lot of other extremely difficult problems that arise when trying to bring a Pokemon game online. Furthermore, this game has been going strong since 2012. We all know how Nintendo is about their Intellectual Property, and if you asked me back in 2013 if I thought a game like this could weather the IP storm for over 5 years, I would say there was absolutely no chance. Yet here we are. So thank you to everyone who makes this game possible. It's nothing short of a miracle.
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