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  1. Pokemon: Tyranitar (Larvitar) Iv's: 3x31 (Hp,Atk,Speed) 2x27 (Def,SpDef) Egg Moves: Dragon Dance Gender: any Pokeball: any Nature: Jolly
  2. I plan to make money by using multiple accounts to rebattle trainers/gyms at the same time. If I was using 3 accounts it would be 3x the work however I would be making almost 3x the money per hour for example.
  3. Are we allowed to run multiple instances of PokeMMO on one device. If not, then are we allowed to play from one account per device (whilst playing on multiple devices). Thank you
  4. 750 Pomeg berries please. Payment is in mail :) Ign: Joud
  5. I think that lowering the minimum could be a good idea as it would make flipping more viable and if your trying to put cheap mons on the GTL and being taxed for an expense which is around the same price as the mon/item your trying to sell its sort of redundant. However I don't agree on the maximum tax being more than 25k because there are many premium costing items in low supply which will not often sell due to high price and low demand so your just losing a lot money. On the other hand having the maximum tax over 25k could be a decent cash sink which would improve the games economy - But there are probably more appealing ways of doing so although cash sinks are for another post.
  6. 600 Qualot berries please. Check your mail :) Ign: Joud
  7. I agree, that overall it wouldn't have a significant effect on the market however that is only because they are just some vanity items. However these items rose in price not just because of inflation but mainly because of supply and demand. Because of the limited supply, these items have the value that they currently have. By making it so essentially any new-ish player can obtain them you are just throwing the value out the window. How would you like if as an experienced player you bought one of these items. These items cost many millions and suddenly everyone has it and the price has dropped significantly into the dirt. I don't think that letting some new-ish players have some older vanities when there are new vanities being released quite often warrants the loyal and experienced players losing a significant amount of money - quite possible hundreds of millions.
  8. I don't like this as it would decrease the value of these items. Since they would be easy enough "for new players to get" it would decrease the value by a significant amount and cause them to become obsolete in price comparatively. Any long grind and or investment would be thrown out of the window. No thanks.
  9. Thanks for the hard work. keep it up!
  10. Order Pokemon: Ghastly IVs: 2x31 (SpA, Speed) 3x27 (Def / Sp.Def / Hp) Nature: Timid Egg Moves: "Disable" Gender: Any Pokeball: Dusk Balll
  11. Can the hair that is bought in the gift shop and gtl be dyed ? Thank you :)
  12. Depends on the Pokemon. You should check whether it learns certain moves in its first stage which would be unobtainable later on. In terms of levelling you should be fine and a fully evolved Pokemon will be stronger than a not fully evolved with a few more levels on it anyway.
  13. Depends on the Pokemon. You usually want to maximise the mons already good stats. But it depends on what you want out of the Pokemon.
  14. Etozuri

    Value Advice

    Can I get a price check please ? Serious nature
  15. Love the colour scheme, You've used mainly black/grey in the background with green used more sparingly mostly in text and icons which makes the ui look really clean. Keep it up.
  16. Well played! I forget about Crying for Rain (Domestic Girlfriend op). We can have a truce, for now.
  17. Queue times. I haven't been in a queue in a while but If I had to wait in a queue or if the queue was longer due to other players who weren't even playing the game that would be detrimental to my experience. Also to a lesser extent server lag which PokeMMO had a hiccup with recently. And I don't understand why you would want to do this in the first place either because to log back on it only takes a few clicks.
  18. A neat method of using the amulet coin right now is using an alt just to battle Morimoto every day. Since the amulet coin saves the time even after logging off you can get 15+ battles quite comfortably - So I don't think 25 is particularly a buff.
  19. Tell me that this isn't the best op of 2019 so far.
  20. Yes balanced, unlike the main games where you can beat the entire region with your one over leveled starter.
  21. Texhnolyze - Set in a dystopian city called Lux where a fighter loses some limbs. A scientists finds him who uses him as a test subject for her newly designed Texhnolyze. He then starts working for a leader in this gang and he comes across a girl called Ran who can see in the future and they realise that Lux is on the brink of war and collapse and they're the only ones who can stop the tragedy. It sounds messy but I'm not summarising the plot very well. The show is very slowly paced and can be hard to watch at times but its well worth watching through. Hopefully this sells it better: "Texhnolyze is not a show for everyone. It's violent, slow, and almost downright depressing. It's also not a show where people just sit down and expect a fun experience. It's thought provoking and tries to create a narrative that's multi-layered and deep, and it definitely succeeds. It just happens to frighten away a good proportion of the anime fanbase in the process." "The fact that a lot of the show was up to interpretation was also interesting. Plenty of friends cite how bleak it is, but I happen to think Texhnolyze has some uplifting moments. It offers up that mankind, even down in its darkest moments, is constantly fighting for survival, to live, to find one's meaning in life. It offers that while technology may be a bane on existence, perhaps there's something else there, that it helps us forge bonds or become more human than we were. Texhnolyze has these kinds of themes and messages for us, lying in wait. One just has to look for them to understand and enjoy what the show has to offer." If you have not seen Texhnolyze I highly recommend it. Also @fredrichnietze said Shinsekai Yori which is amazing as well. +1
  22. I think texture modding was a thing but its broken now. But having graphics equal to Unova is impossible because the games are on different systems. Kanto and Hoenn is GBA and Unova is NDS so K and H are never going look as detailed due to hardware limitations. What I mean by this is for example the maximum amount of pixels on a sprite/texture is always going to be lower in GBA games than NDS games therefore Hoenn and Kanto are going to look less detailed than Unova. Also Unova uses a variety of camera zooms and 3d elements which isn't possible in H and K
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