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  1. For me neapolitan pizza is the best. It may sound weird but the crust is so good when its all charred and there are burnt bits and its very yummy with the simple ingredients. That being said I haven't had a hot dog in like a decade so I don't feel qualified enough to pick. Also im hungry now so thanks :(
  2. Hi, I messaged you on discord
  3. I think the same, Johto doesn't actually do anything for the games' longevity. Rather than devs spending years making another region I would rather have something replayable or relevant in post game. But yes, HA's and dungeons when?
  4. Wowee this is not a good look, Quite annoying how staff spend time deleting messages rather than helping to address the problem. Obviously it is unlikely that moderators have any say/knowledge but you get my point.
  5. wow very fast! thanks, I'll be sure to send more you way soon~
  6. Bump, I think its at least reasonable that staff comment on how the development of HA's and dungeons are going since its literally been years without a word. PokeMMO has many loyal long-time players and I think they owe it to them to at least say anything. A lot of people in this post have made amazing points. It would really suck for this just to be swept under the rug for nothing like many before it.
  7. There is one downside and that's if they're not doing anything *cough cough*
  8. I'm guessing you don't mean your fans so from personal experience it could be your hard drive if you have one. I had a really cheap one which I bought from Ebay and that shit sounded like a mortar and pestle. If you're using a laptop, prebuilt PC or an SSD that's unlikely though. Another idea is that you have a loose wire which is hitting a fan - it kinda makes sense as you say that you only hear the noise 5-10 mins in as they'll spin faster potentially from all the background processes which will have loaded in within that time. Other than that if you hear electrical noises it could be your power supply.
  9. I don't think the story would satisfy very many people for long. IMO adding another region at this point won't do anything for the game especially because its Johto - There won't be any new mons. Most of the player base has already beaten all the regions and there is little to do other than catching events and comp. Adding another region would be so much more work for the devs whilst simultaneously adding very little meaningful content in the grand scheme of things since once players beat the region they'll only have catching events, comp, etc to do again. IMO it would much better for the devs to add replayable and rewardful end game content because that's what going to keep people playing. EDIT: I misread the whole point of this topic being about Kanto but I think my points still apply
  10. I like the idea but I'm genuinely curious - What's the point of the devs taking time to implement this feature and potentially delaying actual content when we can already listen to all this music on Youtube.
  11. I don't really see the point of implementing another region when it won't be adding any new features/Pokemon. It'll take a large amount of time to develop however we'll be getting only a small amount of content since once you play through it a single time you'll be done with it - Adding another region won't be doing anything for the game at this point. or something along those lines anyway ¬ Someone once said that PokeMMO has the width of an ocean but the depth of a puddle and I couldn't agree more. Adding more regions looks good on the surface however it won't help the game in the long run especially when PokeMMO only becomes problematic in the late game once people have beaten the regions. ^ It pretty much becomes a worse Pokemon Showdown or just a place to idle ^ What I think would be good for the game is some end game content apart from catching events and PVP. Personally I really like the idea of having replayable/farmable PVE content which would actually keep people playing. Like hopefully dungeons
  12. You finally fixed your avi 




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