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  1. Depends on the Pokemon. You usually want to maximise the mons already good stats. But it depends on what you want out of the Pokemon.
  2. Etozuri

    Value Advice

    Can I get a price check please ? Serious nature
  3. Love the colour scheme, You've used mainly black/grey in the background with green used more sparingly mostly in text and icons which makes the ui look really clean. Keep it up.
  4. Ahh yes, Volcarona is a nasty threat! Good thing you had priority on Lucario (; ^ω^). You should do some testing but, you could fit haze onto Tentacruel (replace protect maybe) and that would work if you wanted keep T spikes and a spinner. Also I don't recommend but Lucario can learn roar :D
  5. Your teams offense looks nice and solid and the Magnezone set looks really cool with dual screens. But a problem I have with your team is that you have nothing to Phaze with encase a setup mon gets out of hand. The best bet you have is to taunt with Hydreigon but by that point it could already be too late so if you could sneak a move like roar or whirlwind on that could be cool.
  6. Thank you. I'm going to replace Dragonite with a different phazer which can check sd excadrill in the sand and at the same time try and lessen the rocks weakness with something that resists it. Also I didn't know taunt Hydriegon was even a set so thats useful to know.
  7. Well played! I forget about Crying for Rain (Domestic Girlfriend op). We can have a truce, for now.
  8. Thanks! I didn't think about that my team would be so susceptible to rocks. I'm probably going to reduce the weakness to stealth rocks by removing Dragonite because @SharpBlue mentioned on Discord that parashuffler Dragonite probably isn't even that good without Multiscale anyway. So I will try and replace it with something that can phaze/pseudo-phaze whilst resisting rock type.
  9. Queue times. I haven't been in a queue in a while but If I had to wait in a queue or if the queue was longer due to other players who weren't even playing the game that would be detrimental to my experience. Also to a lesser extent server lag which PokeMMO had a hiccup with recently. And I don't understand why you would want to do this in the first place either because to log back on it only takes a few clicks.
  10. A neat method of using the amulet coin right now is using an alt just to battle Morimoto every day. Since the amulet coin saves the time even after logging off you can get 15+ battles quite comfortably - So I don't think 25 is particularly a buff.
  11. Tell me that this isn't the best op of 2019 so far.
  12. Hello PokeMMO, Here I have made a bulky offense team for OU and i'm looking for some feedback as i'm not experienced in PokeMMO's meta and I could do with some help. Breloom @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 252 HP / 44 Def / 156 SpD / 56 Spe Impish Nature - Mach Punch - Bullet Seed - Bulk Up - Spore I'm really enjoying using this Breloom set on showdown. I use spore most of the time to setup because Breloom is quite frail and being 4x weak to flying is not fun. Once a Pokemon is asleep I can choose whether to switch or setup. Mach punch allows Breloom to sweep because after a few bulk ups it does nice damage and ohkos a lot of mons. Stone edge can be used over bullet seed for fire and types but I like using bullet seed for bulky waters. This Ev spread allows Breloom to soak up scalds and surfs whilst being faster than most other base 70 Pokemon and Tyranitar. Togekiss @ Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Air Slash - Flamethrower - Defog - Roost Togekiss is my special wall and can also be used to check physical attackers like Conkeldurr with airslash. Flamethrower is really nice coverage for Ferrathorn and Scizor and can be used to pressure them out. Roost for longevity so Togekiss doesn't get worn down and Defog is something I threw on so the team can deal with hazards so Volcarona doesn't die. Mamoswine @ Leftovers Ability: Oblivious EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Ice Shard - Icicle Crash - Earthquake - Stealth Rock Mamoswine is the Salamance and Dragonite killer with its ice attacks. I really appreciate having both Ice Shard and Icicle Crash because "IS" is often not enough to kill 4x weak dragons but the priority is very useful and "IC" is a good stab. Earthquake is just such a great move and is self explanatory. Stealth Rock is here to chip away with other mons. I usually lead Mamoswine especially if I see a Pokemon weak to ice on the opponents team. Gyarados @ Leftovers Ability: Intimidate EVs: 88 HP / 248 Atk / 4 Def / 168 Spe Jolly Nature - Waterfall - Crunch - Substitute - Dragon Dance Gyarados is my dragon dance sweeper. Waterfall is a nice stab that even hits physical walls like Hippowdon and Gliscor hard. I decided to run crunch instead of bounce because I didn't want to use a move that charges on the first turn. Crunch hits annoying psychics such as Reuniclus and after dd'ing Alakazam. Substitute can be used freely on walls to dragon dance safely without worry of status effects. Dragonite @ Leftovers Ability: Inner Focus EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe Impish Nature - Dragon Tail - Thunder Wave - Substitute - Roost This is Dragonite's Parashuffler set. Dragonite has a great movepool and can be used in lots of different ways but I decided to use this set because I needed a phazer or a pseudo-hazer. I quite like this set over other phazers such as Skarmory because its not that expected and Dragonite can often Thunder Wave Pokemon on the switch. Also the team is quite slow so having Pokemon at half speed is useful and the full para chance helps Breloom, Gyarados and Volcarona to setup. Substitute should be used whenever effective because Dragonite doesn't have its Ha. Roost for longevity. Volcarona @ Life Orb Ability: Flame Body EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Fiery Dance - Bug Buzz - Giga Drain - Quiver Dance Volcarona is my special sweeper and has nice coverage with fire, bug and grass. Fiery Dance is a decent stab that can boost special attack but I may use flamethrower instead for higher base damage and more PP. Bug Buzz and Giga Drain is coverage and allows Volcarona to hit Hydreigon and bulky waters. Quiver dance is what makes Volcarona deadly because its boosts SpA, SpD and Spe which after a single boost makes Volcarona horrible to deal with. I may start using roost over Giga drain because it is more reliable recovery. If you see any glaring weaknesses or you have some changes you would make even if its just personal preference please give me some advice.
  13. Yes balanced, unlike the main games where you can beat the entire region with your one over leveled starter.
  14. Texhnolyze - Set in a dystopian city called Lux where a fighter loses some limbs. A scientists finds him who uses him as a test subject for her newly designed Texhnolyze. He then starts working for a leader in this gang and he comes across a girl called Ran who can see in the future and they realise that Lux is on the brink of war and collapse and they're the only ones who can stop the tragedy. It sounds messy but I'm not summarising the plot very well. The show is very slowly paced and can be hard to watch at times but its well worth watching through. Hopefully this sells it better: "Texhnolyze is not a show for everyone. It's violent, slow, and almost downright depressing. It's also not a show where people just sit down and expect a fun experience. It's thought provoking and tries to create a narrative that's multi-layered and deep, and it definitely succeeds. It just happens to frighten away a good proportion of the anime fanbase in the process." "The fact that a lot of the show was up to interpretation was also interesting. Plenty of friends cite how bleak it is, but I happen to think Texhnolyze has some uplifting moments. It offers up that mankind, even down in its darkest moments, is constantly fighting for survival, to live, to find one's meaning in life. It offers that while technology may be a bane on existence, perhaps there's something else there, that it helps us forge bonds or become more human than we were. Texhnolyze has these kinds of themes and messages for us, lying in wait. One just has to look for them to understand and enjoy what the show has to offer." If you have not seen Texhnolyze I highly recommend it. Also @fredrichnietze said Shinsekai Yori which is amazing as well. +1
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