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  1. I don't think the story would satisfy very many people for long. IMO adding another region at this point won't do anything for the game especially because its Johto - There won't be any new mons. Most of the player base has already beaten all the regions and there is little to do other than catching events and comp. Adding another region would be so much more work for the devs whilst simultaneously adding very little meaningful content in the grand scheme of things since once players beat the region they'll only have catching events, comp, etc to do again. IMO it would much better
  2. I like the idea but I'm genuinely curious - What's the point of the devs taking time to implement this feature and potentially delaying actual content when we can already listen to all this music on Youtube.
  3. I don't really see the point of implementing another region when it won't be adding any new features/Pokemon. It'll take a large amount of time to develop however we'll be getting only a small amount of content since once you play through it a single time you'll be done with it - Adding another region won't be doing anything for the game at this point. or something along those lines anyway ¬ Someone once said that PokeMMO has the width of an ocean but the
  4. You finally fixed your avi 




  5. Thank you Koyomi Onii-chan
  6. Pokemon: Breloom Iv's: 3x31 (Hp,SDef,Spe) 2x30(Def,Atk) Nature: Careful Egg Moves: Drain Punch Gender: - Pokeball: -
  7. Pokemon: Rotom Iv's: 3x31 (Hp,SpA,Spe) 2x27 (Def,Sdef Nature: Timid Egg Moves: None Gender: - Pokeball: Whatever yummy
  8. I would like it if PokeMMO got more Graphical settings to improve the look of the game whilst adding more customizability between users. I'm thinking these options could include more Anti-Aliasing options and the addition of screen filters. PokeMMO is usually an easy game to run on most systems (PC) and because of that there is room to improve the graphics whilst still having great fps. Also for people with lower end systems there are Aliasing methods with little reduction on performance which PokeMMO don't use. For people who don't know Anti-Aliasing is a way in which you can imp
  9. I agree with OP because by removing the effects of Baton Pass you are making E4 runs less viable. By doing this you're restricting players in the ways they can make money and in a sense erasing content since the E4 now is so unviable. I think its important to have variety in any game especially an MMO and now the only consistent way of making money in-game (not providing a service) is gym rebattles. I personally don't mind the competitive implications of the current Baton Pass since PokeMMO has always had a slightly different meta to the norm. I don't mind seeing shake-ups however
  10. Thanks for being so quick bby <3
  11. Overall I like the recent update because of Sinnoh but I don't understand why the devs would want to change Baton Pass. I agree with OP in it being reverted back to the way it was originally was but also in it keeping the mechanic where it passes stat changes. This update has killed one of (if not the best) money makers in the game. First berry farming now e4 runs.
  12. Pokemon: Gastrodon Iv's: 3x31 (Hp,Def,SDef 2x27 (Atk,SAtk) Nature: Sassy Egg Moves: Clear Smog Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever ps thanks for last breed love you uwu
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