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  1. I agree with OP because by removing the effects of Baton Pass you are making E4 runs less viable. By doing this you're restricting players in the ways they can make money and in a sense erasing content since the E4 now is so unviable. I think its important to have variety in any game especially an MMO and now the only consistent way of making money in-game (not providing a service) is gym rebattles. I personally don't mind the competitive implications of the current Baton Pass since PokeMMO has always had a slightly different meta to the norm. I don't mind seeing shake-ups however I know some people who do dislike this from a competitive standpoint. Regardless, from my perspective the baton pass changes are a step backwards.
  2. Overall I like the recent update because of Sinnoh but I don't understand why the devs would want to change Baton Pass. I agree with OP in it being reverted back to the way it was originally was but also in it keeping the mechanic where it passes stat changes. This update has killed one of (if not the best) money makers in the game. First berry farming now e4 runs.
  3. Pokemon: Gastrodon Iv's: 3x31 (Hp,Def,SDef 2x27 (Atk,SAtk) Nature: Sassy Egg Moves: Clear Smog Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever ps thanks for last breed love you uwu
  4. Pokemon: Zoroark Iv's: 2x31 (SAtk, Speed) 3x25 (Hp, Def, SpDef) Nature: Timid Egg Moves: Dark Pulse Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever
  5. Maybe having hazard removal would be beneficial because you have a few mons weak to rocks. Personally I'd put the scarf on Chandelure whilst having Togekiss with a defensive set learn defog. (If it doesn't know defog already.)
  6. Also these two if you don't mind lmao Pokemon: Tentacruel Iv's: 3x31 (Hp, Def, Speed) 2x27 (SAtk, SDef) Nature: Bold Egg Moves: Haze, Rapid Spin Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever Pokemon: Hippowdon Iv's: 3x31 (Hp, Def, SDef) 2x27 (Atk, Speed) Nature: Impish Egg Moves: Slack Off, Whirlwind Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever much thanks
  7. Pokemon: Lucario Iv's: 3x31 (Atk, Hp, Speed) 2x27 (Def, SpDef) Nature: Adamant Egg Moves: Crunch Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever ps thank you for last breed xxx
  8. Pokemon: Azumarill Iv's: 3x31 (Atk, Hp, Speed) 2x27 (Def, SpDef) Nature: Adamant Egg Moves: Aqua Jet Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever
  9. hey sexc

  10. Because this game is an MMO there are probably hundreds of players catching shinies a day. By increasing the rates anymore than that you're significantly lowering the value of the Pokemon themselves. Therefore it isn't as rewarding financially nor as gratifying which is the whole point in catching shinies.
  11. Considering your saying that something 14 levels below can't ohko regardless of type advantage and that Charizard has a high physical attack stat, your basic understanding of battling may not be quite enough. Instead of trying to beat everything with your starter, find, catch and level a Pokemon which would be beneficial to your whole team.
  12. Charizard's physical attack is mediocre so I don't know why your running a physical move on it in the first place. Also Arcanine has straight up more bulk and better offensive stats. With the Charizard set your running I'm not surprised that it can ohko you whilst you couldn't ohko Arcanine. The game isn't hard as long as you have some knowledge and a basic understanding of battling and the Pokemon themselves. If something isn't working out just rethink your strategy and research a little maybe.
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