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  1. Because this game is an MMO there are probably hundreds of players catching shinies a day. By increasing the rates anymore than that you're significantly lowering the value of the Pokemon themselves. Therefore it isn't as rewarding financially nor as gratifying which is the whole point in catching shinies.
  2. Considering your saying that something 14 levels below can't ohko regardless of type advantage and that Charizard has a high physical attack stat, your basic understanding of battling may not be quite enough. Instead of trying to beat everything with your starter, find, catch and level a Pokemon which would be beneficial to your whole team.
  3. Charizard's physical attack is mediocre so I don't know why your running a physical move on it in the first place. Also Arcanine has straight up more bulk and better offensive stats. With the Charizard set your running I'm not surprised that it can ohko you whilst you couldn't ohko Arcanine. The game isn't hard as long as you have some knowledge and a basic understanding of battling and the Pokemon themselves. If something isn't working out just rethink your strategy and research a little maybe.
  4. Pokemon: Snorunt (Froslass) Iv's: 2x31 (HP, Speed) 3x27 (SpAtk, Def, SpDef) Egg Moves: Hex Gender: Must be female Pokeball: any Nature: Timid
  5. Pokemon: Tyranitar (Larvitar) Iv's: 3x31 (Hp,Atk,Speed) 2x27 (Def,SpDef) Egg Moves: Dragon Dance Gender: any Pokeball: any Nature: Jolly
  6. I plan to make money by using multiple accounts to rebattle trainers/gyms at the same time. If I was using 3 accounts it would be 3x the work however I would be making almost 3x the money per hour for example.
  7. Are we allowed to run multiple instances of PokeMMO on one device. If not, then are we allowed to play from one account per device (whilst playing on multiple devices). Thank you
  8. 750 Pomeg berries please. Payment is in mail :) Ign: Joud
  9. Thanks for the berries!
  10. I think that lowering the minimum could be a good idea as it would make flipping more viable and if your trying to put cheap mons on the GTL and being taxed for an expense which is around the same price as the mon/item your trying to sell its sort of redundant. However I don't agree on the maximum tax being more than 25k because there are many premium costing items in low supply which will not often sell due to high price and low demand so your just losing a lot money. On the other hand having the maximum tax over 25k could be a decent cash sink which would improve the games economy - But there are probably more appealing ways of doing so although cash sinks are for another post.
  11. 600 Qualot berries please. Check your mail :) Ign: Joud
  12. I agree, that overall it wouldn't have a significant effect on the market however that is only because they are just some vanity items. However these items rose in price not just because of inflation but mainly because of supply and demand. Because of the limited supply, these items have the value that they currently have. By making it so essentially any new-ish player can obtain them you are just throwing the value out the window. How would you like if as an experienced player you bought one of these items. These items cost many millions and suddenly everyone has it and the price has dropped significantly into the dirt. I don't think that letting some new-ish players have some older vanities when there are new vanities being released quite often warrants the loyal and experienced players losing a significant amount of money - quite possible hundreds of millions.
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