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  1. I have just checked it out and an Radeon HD 8470D is easily enough to run Pokemmo. Its Open GL Version is 4.1 if your still wondering.
  2. He is basically saying anything vaguely modern will easily be enough to run it, anything from this decade will most likely be able to run it.
  3. Would be nice if you can tell us the specs but you should be fine because anything from this decade can easily run mmo.
  4. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and a merry new year
  5. Nice, I'm waiting for the completion.
  6. Etozuri

    Battle Speed

    I think that there should be an option from the original game where you can remove battle animations. This should cut battle animations or set it to a quick animation for all moves for npc battles at least. Same with text, I also agree with many that it is unnecessarily long and painful to sit through if your playing through a region for example.
  7. @Foersterr lets get married
  8. I wouldn't really know. I'm not an old player in this game. But I wasn't talking about noob spammers, just spammers and bot spammers in general. My point is that if new players don't know what they're because they can't talk in chat they could always just google it. And maybe you don't see as much spammers is because of the restrictions. I don't really think this ^ but even if there is no problem now that doesn't it won't be in the near future. Even though we can only assume how many exactly are joining but the game is growing so there might be a problem eventually. Just speculation though. Even if I think that everyone should be able to use whisper at least still don't really see it as a problem. maybe it should be changed but its only 2 badges for a reason. Its not time consuming or challenging at all for most. Plus there are other ways to talk like on the discord for example :)
  9. I kind of agree with you now since I think that if people need help getting the first few gym badges but they can't use the chat its gonna be much harder to get help. They could just google it but doesn't that beat the purpose of the chat ? Also if they want to chat with friends in game what do they do then. But I'm mixed because as other people have said it is to reduce spamming/bot spamming or whatever. I do think it is sort of silly. Can't they just beat the first two gyms in an hour maybe and for the rest of their pokemmo life they have chat. If you get stuck before then, google it you lazy noob. But I agree with your points as well. I definitely think they should be able to whisper since I just don't see any reason why not.
  10. Why would you even need to use the chat before two badges anyway ? If its to talk to friends or something like that I cant imagine two badges taking more than a hour. If its just to talk with people in general then can't you just get two gym badges ? Its not like its asking you to do something time consuming at all.
  11. You could also have some sort of "bank" function where you could deposit money on one character and withdraw it with different character on the same account.
  12. They haven't excluded the 4th gen completely as some of its pokemon are found in Unova such as Lucario and are available to obtain however don't threat because the rest of the 4th gen pokemon and Sinnoh will come soonTM
  13. Etozuri


    I like this mechanic because it has a lot of potential. There could be so many different "quests" to do. They don't have to be scripted events either, they could just be simple tasks with rewards. You could also have it so the more you do, the harder they are to complete but the better rewards you get and maybe w/ some weekly/monthly ones which offer large rewards but equally large cooldown. Like i already said if they added some kind of quest mechanic it has a lot of potential because the possibilities are endless. I feel like the game has become quite linear and repetitive money making wise because the most viable way to make it is re battles and it has been for a while now. If they added quests and made it so the rewards are on par or around re battles it could add a breath of fresh air into the game.
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