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  1. I was thinking there could be a particle effect for pokemon that have all of the ribbons unlocked, it's not really something everyone does for all of their pokemon, it's not the hardest thing to do in the game either but it could be a nice touch for people that go their way to have everything on their favorite pokemon. I was thinking that the effect could be a sparkly ribbon that fades away when the pokemon comes out, but anything would be nice really. It could be an automatic gift to your pokemon once it has all of them, or I guess it could be sold at the rewards store, just make it only usable on all ribbon pokemon, would be a nice way to show that almost never used feature :)
  2. I love it! Thanks a lot, I'll hop in the game and send the donation :) Thanks
  3. It's fine, I can wait, I'll be cheking here regularly, I have seen the other themes and they are amazing! :)
  4. I'd like one! If you are still working on them here is the template: IGN: Areille Theme: Shiny Syleon Main Color: Any you see the most fit Secondary Color: Any you see the most fit Custom or Default fonts?: Custom Any specific instructions?: If possible add gradients, i didn't see that option in the template. Donation?: 150k Should I donate after it's done?
  5. All right, thanks!, also how do I activate it? I already put the file on the mod folder and activated it in the mod management section in the game, but I don't see them?
  6. I have a question, if I add the mod to the game, and it gets updated, do I have to redownload it and replace the other one?
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