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  1. I still do gyms, with bought amulet coins cause I tried farming my own and it took me 3 hours to find 1 out of 6 that i need for all my accounts lol, not worth if you ask me; made me go from getting almost 1m for a few hours to around 650-700k for the same amount of time spent. It seems ike the only way to make money anymore is sniping things from gtl...until they add a confirmation screen asking if you are sure you want to price your stuff for x amount of money.
  2. I use: Golduck with choice specs and cloud nine ability, gets rid of weather forever so no wasting time with animations and you can often decide for a move that one hits ko most of the stuff even if not STAB (Petal Dance, Scald, Ice beam and psyshock) Hydreigon with life orb (Dragon pulse, earth power, dark pulse and flamethrower, could be fire blast but flamethrower can ohko most things with super effective) Medicham with choice scarf, it allows it to outspeed it other choice scarf pokemon, especially that lucario in the psychic gym (High Jump kick, zen headbutt, fire punch and trick, that one is for pvp not gyms) Krookodile with choice band and moxie, a lot of things die from just choice banded crunch, but if neccesary earthquake then there is hydreigon to not get hit by it (Earthquake, Crunch, Fire fang, stone edge) Cloyster with choice scarf, no setting up needed if you can outspeed and kill the things that make cloyster faint (Icicle spear, rock blast, razor shell and shell smash, again that one for pvp, not neccesary for gyms. I can always beat the gyms with just thos 5 pokemon ,so the last slot can be anything really, for me its smeargles with hms for my alts since i dont want t trade the move ocarinas all the time. Record time for me using that team is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  3. Nope, instead we'll have consumable choice items, macho braces and exp shares at some point. Edit: and life orbs that go away after 1 hit.
  4. I like it, but didn't they just nerf frisk for no apparent reason? doubt they' ever do something like that now.
  5. I understand the amulet coin, and its kinda better, you can stop having to worry about switching in the amulet coin polemon for gym runs. But lucky egg...there goes 500k away for nothing lol.
  6. I mean according to the people here and THAT one staff member all legendaries are ubers , since they "force" you to have one specific thing to counter them lol, sounds like half of the OU roster, but what do I know.
  7. Now the over used "Sinnoh Tomorrow" joke will be even more over used...yay?
  8. I mean, no matter what they do with hidden abilities , it'll bother a group of people or another, if they implement hidden abilities like in the main games where you have to breed a female with a hidden ability, it will destroy people with comp shinies, or the people that have won shinies in events if the pokemon they have are better in every way with their hidden abilities, like the most recent ones, volbeat and illumise, they are completely useless without prankster, so people that have their shinies will be stuck with illuminane or swarm. In the other hand, if they implement hidden abilities in those dungeons, we'd still have to re breed our pokemon to get them, it's just like with the movesets I'd rather breed a new pokemon than using a TM every once in a while. You have your inner focus dragonites right now, with a specific EV spread, you'd have to breed another with different ivs and differente ev spreads once we have the disgusing thing that is multiscale; plus there is tons of pokemon right now that have completely different functions with or without their hidden abilities, you wouldn't want to just change their abilities without changing their function in your team.
  9. I know at this point in time battle frontier is mostly done by people looking to get a good spot in the leaderboards, but there is only so many strategies we can come up with since we pretty much lose our consumable items (Weaknesses berries, boosting berries, healing berries, focus sashes, elemental gems) after one single battle. I'm not saying that we should only 1 consumable item per 7 fights, I'm saying that between each fight, if any consumable item was used we have a small time to give the pokemon another item. This of course still taking in consideration the rules of no repeated items on pokemon in your party at that time, so no double sashes or double of the same berry. Pretty sure this would open up so many more available strategies for anyone who would like to go for a high ranking spot, and still maintain consumable items being bought in the GTL by people trying to do this. Edit : I'm pretty sure the rest option in the battle frontier would allow for this, but it's not implemented yet.
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