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  1. Something tells me that people that want togekiss to be ubers are people who use conkeldurr....that 13% usage vs almost 30% lol.
  2. I mean, no matter what they do with hidden abilities , it'll bother a group of people or another, if they implement hidden abilities like in the main games where you have to breed a female with a hidden ability, it will destroy people with comp shinies, or the people that have won shinies in events if the pokemon they have are better in every way with their hidden abilities, like the most recent ones, volbeat and illumise, they are completely useless without prankster, so people that have their shinies will be stuck with illuminane or swarm. In the other hand, if they implement hidden abilities in those dungeons, we'd still have to re breed our pokemon to get them, it's just like with the movesets I'd rather breed a new pokemon than using a TM every once in a while. You have your inner focus dragonites right now, with a specific EV spread, you'd have to breed another with different ivs and differente ev spreads once we have the disgusing thing that is multiscale; plus there is tons of pokemon right now that have completely different functions with or without their hidden abilities, you wouldn't want to just change their abilities without changing their function in your team.
  3. I have never trained a pokemon to lvl 100 before..., he probably got dm'd already.
  4. I know at this point in time battle frontier is mostly done by people looking to get a good spot in the leaderboards, but there is only so many strategies we can come up with since we pretty much lose our consumable items (Weaknesses berries, boosting berries, healing berries, focus sashes, elemental gems) after one single battle. I'm not saying that we should only 1 consumable item per 7 fights, I'm saying that between each fight, if any consumable item was used we have a small time to give the pokemon another item. This of course still taking in consideration the rules of no repeated items on pokemon in your party at that time, so no double sashes or double of the same berry. Pretty sure this would open up so many more available strategies for anyone who would like to go for a high ranking spot, and still maintain consumable items being bought in the GTL by people trying to do this. Edit : I'm pretty sure the rest option in the battle frontier would allow for this, but it's not implemented yet.
  5. Might be biased since I do contests from time to time, but +1.
  6. Global Trade Link (GTL) but you need 4 badges to be able to buy anything from there, there are a few dawn stones accross the games, but they are mostly farmed.
  7. If anything they'll give less money, whenever they add sinnoh, cause there will be a lot more trainers to battle.
  8. Según tengo entendido, si banean a alguien por decir "x" cosa que iba contra las reglas, y tu o alguien más con el solo hecho de repetir lo que dijo esa persona que banearon también puede resultar en baneo de esas personas, si eso ayuda a tu pregunta. As I understand, if someone gets banned for saying something that is against the rules, and one or more people go repeating the same exact thing the person that got banned said, then it will most likely result into a ban for the people that repeated what they said, if that's what you are referring to.
  9. There are different sets for every pokemon, if you see one that you like it and is not on GTL for sale you can request breeding services or make one with the movesets you like.
  10. Most of those points are like that in this game to fit into an MMO enviroment. The one thing that seems to be true is the secondary effects activation, at this point whenever I'm doing gym re runs and I don't see "x pokemon's static" it makes me feel like I missed a high jump kick as that prompt always pops up. Ice types are a nightmare in battle frontier due to that, I know it could be bad luck but seeing it around 3 turns in a row (due to shed skin) makes it seem that it's not just bad luck, since freezes are what chances? 5 or 10? As for hidden abilities, npcs have them which means they are in the game and the big majority of them work properly, they just need a way to introduce them, no matter what they do it'll spoil some of our old pokemon and annoy people causing more complaints, so they gotta do a way that doesn't cause as much backlash I guess.
  11. Item Slot: Face, Coloreable pikachu cheeks, I'm specifying that they should be coloreable in case someone would like them to be emolga, togedemaru,Pachirisu, minun or plusle cheeks. We don't have enough face cosmetics, I think this could be a good add! Specially considering we have pikachu ears.Image of Item:
  12. I still see the only argument most people don't want legendaries is because they are "overpowered". I know the competitive scene is supposed to be different in here, but saying they are op seems wrong. Let's take one,just one, OU pokemon, volcarona for this, volcarona alone would destroy 90% of the would be available "overpowered" legendaries: Mew, celebi, suicune, Raikou ,latios, latias, virizion, coballion, (maybe) Terrakion cause non stab giga drain apparently does 90% all the time, all of the lake guardians, Deoxys if it has a quiver dance up already, kyurem if it's nor physical choice band, darkrai, Palkia does nothing with hydro pump to it after one quiver dance, dialga unless it's physical, Regice, registeel, regigigas. And that's just one OU pokemon. As for people in game calling Landorus too "overcentralizing" it does nothing to milotic and has many other checks. I'm not saying there should be legendaries, but saying that they are too overpowered is kinda not the way it goes. Edit: Not mentioning any gen 6+ legendaries/mythicals cause I said " would be" available legendaries. So no fairy deer, Yveltal or the primals. Edit2: Forgot about my bois the regis, Regigigas for ubers 2019!
  13. How do I exactly get this to work? I exctract the files in the mod folder as I usually do, but then it doesn't appear in mod management in pokemmo. Edit: Nvm got it to work
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