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  1. Most of those points are like that in this game to fit into an MMO enviroment. The one thing that seems to be true is the secondary effects activation, at this point whenever I'm doing gym re runs and I don't see "x pokemon's static" it makes me feel like I missed a high jump kick as that prompt always pops up. Ice types are a nightmare in battle frontier due to that, I know it could be bad luck but seeing it around 3 turns in a row (due to shed skin) makes it seem that it's not just bad luck, since freezes are what chances? 5 or 10? As for hidden abilities, npcs have them which means they are in the game and the big majority of them work properly, they just need a way to introduce them, no matter what they do it'll spoil some of our old pokemon and annoy people causing more complaints, so they gotta do a way that doesn't cause as much backlash I guess.
  2. Item Slot: Face, Coloreable pikachu cheeks, I'm specifying that they should be coloreable in case someone would like them to be emolga, togedemaru,Pachirisu, minun or plusle cheeks. We don't have enough face cosmetics, I think this could be a good add! Specially considering we have pikachu ears.Image of Item:
  3. I still see the only argument most people don't want legendaries is because they are "overpowered". I know the competitive scene is supposed to be different in here, but saying they are op seems wrong. Let's take one,just one, OU pokemon, volcarona for this, volcarona alone would destroy 90% of the would be available "overpowered" legendaries: Mew, celebi, suicune, Raikou ,latios, latias, virizion, coballion, (maybe) Terrakion cause non stab giga drain apparently does 90% all the time, all of the lake guardians, Deoxys if it has a quiver dance up already, kyurem if it's nor physical choice band, darkrai, Palkia does nothing with hydro pump to it after one quiver dance, dialga unless it's physical, Regice, registeel, regigigas. And that's just one OU pokemon. As for people in game calling Landorus too "overcentralizing" it does nothing to milotic and has many other checks. I'm not saying there should be legendaries, but saying that they are too overpowered is kinda not the way it goes. Edit: Not mentioning any gen 6+ legendaries/mythicals cause I said " would be" available legendaries. So no fairy deer, Yveltal or the primals. Edit2: Forgot about my bois the regis, Regigigas for ubers 2019!
  4. How do I exactly get this to work? I exctract the files in the mod folder as I usually do, but then it doesn't appear in mod management in pokemmo. Edit: Nvm got it to work
  5. Soon enough to be worried about Garchomp being OU instead of ubers like it was during gen 4 lol.
  6. I was thinking there could be a particle effect for pokemon that have all of the ribbons unlocked, it's not really something everyone does for all of their pokemon, it's not the hardest thing to do in the game either but it could be a nice touch for people that go their way to have everything on their favorite pokemon. I was thinking that the effect could be a sparkly ribbon that fades away when the pokemon comes out, but anything would be nice really. It could be an automatic gift to your pokemon once it has all of them, or I guess it could be sold at the rewards store, just make it only usable on all ribbon pokemon, would be a nice way to show that almost never used feature :)
  7. I love it! Thanks a lot, I'll hop in the game and send the donation :) Thanks
  8. It's fine, I can wait, I'll be cheking here regularly, I have seen the other themes and they are amazing! :)
  9. I'd like one! If you are still working on them here is the template: IGN: Areille Theme: Shiny Syleon Main Color: Any you see the most fit Secondary Color: Any you see the most fit Custom or Default fonts?: Custom Any specific instructions?: If possible add gradients, i didn't see that option in the template. Donation?: 150k Should I donate after it's done?
  10. All right, thanks!, also how do I activate it? I already put the file on the mod folder and activated it in the mod management section in the game, but I don't see them?
  11. I have a question, if I add the mod to the game, and it gets updated, do I have to redownload it and replace the other one?
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