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  1. Welcome to My shop Well i make Sigs/Arts/banners... Feel free to Send me a message when u need something The Price : well i Take 10million per Sig Nah i'm Joking It's depend on my work so Just see and Evalue the work when i finish it and make a Donation :) Examples : Other Examples : Ps : i like to use my own style so u just give me your idea and i will try my best to make it true Or Just tell me Your Favorite Poke / Favorite Anime ...Anything else And i will Show u some Art
  2. KaMgMel


    I agree but It's more better to have it !
  3. KaMgMel


    What if wa can got legendaries And allow them to battle each other only so it will be only legandaries against each other and now can use them outside of Legendaries pvp
  4. Hello there i'm a kind of new to tis game i love evrything that is related to designing i was wondering if anyone here is a designer maybé we shuld have our own Section in this forum to make Sigs ( Signatures) and stuff
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