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  1. That's sad, honestly I don't really like Unova the region kinda annoys me, personal problems aside I appreciate your answer. I hope they can set up an event that effects everywhere next time, Halloween is a cool event to do some awesome stuff I think they dropped the ball here.
  2. Anyone know what unique Pokemon are found and where to get them, especially in the Kanto region. Can't find any info newer than 2013 and the version history doesn't give much info, or is the event exclusive to Unova this year? I hope not.
  3. I already have that site saved on my desktop I use it all the time.
  4. I've beaten the Elite four but the new area didn't have any good attack EV training areas, Starting to think that pattern bush is much more efficient, same distance from PC but always has 10 yield per.
  5. I'm still working on getting more EXP shares and I do the same for EV training, sadly at the moment the only good EV training for attack I've currently got is mid victory road with no place to restore PP nearby and the rate combined with my luck is pretty abismal. This is more of a personal problem and I understand there are better places I just can't reach them yet. I would've liked the ability to have more team members using Sweet Scent but Darkshade convinced me that I am wrong.
  6. On your fist point that's the impression I got from everyone commenting including from the staff member that replied. On your second point that is an incredibly good argument, I appreciate you put the effort into explaining this to me, this is one of the reasons I like this game so much, the staff cares enough to talk with their players. I see your reasoning and I think you're right I didn't think of it that way.
  7. I mean I get it, but that doesn't strike me as all that fun to do as it takes painstakingly long to go through the whole battle, remember if you KO a pokemon with thief you don't get the item so you have to be careful about leveling meaning you are susceptible to damage and being poisoned. If it's that much of an issue it would be better for balance to reduce the chance for the item instead of nerfing a move that is used for other purposes. Honestly anyone patient enough to go through hordes to get items deserves it it takes way to much time for me, I lack the patience. The only valid point I've heard is the concept of shinies and even that. In my eyes it's like saying "Well a few people got to really well trained and high leveled pokemon by using hordes and earthquake or surf etc, so we will halve the PP of board hitting moves." It's ridiculous, if a few items are too easy to get make them more rare, simple as that don't 'fix' it by nerfing something useful for other purposes as it alters the value of everything instead of just what you want to be altered. Best way to put it "X Y and Z needs a different value, my solution is altering a factor that changes the value of A-Z just to fix the value of X Y and Z," that's just lazy and irresponsible. Think of it this way there are TM and HMs with a fixed price of over 4x their normal value for 'balance' but I can spend a 10th that price to get two items and grab a tutor to teach that same move, or about 30 minutes to do the same thing with a high lvl Pokemon with false swipe, or a low attack high defense Pokemon with thief. So for 'balance' we should either boost tutor costs or reduce TM cost, the devs make certain things take an insane amount of time to do, that shouldn't take this much time. You fix one issue while simultaneously creating 2 to 6 other issues because you don't want to put in the extra effort to fix one to 5 items and instead nerf a move that isn't even really broken. That move exists to make these thing easier, nerfing it kinda defeats the purpose of the move don't you think? you need to alter the value of the specific items directly either by reducing their chance of occurring or cutting their sell value, not pulling a lazy fix it by ripping apart a perfectly good move that has other functions. This kind of sloppy work is what kills games I've seen many fall due to this, Sweet Scent is not important enough to cause anything really but it's the cumulative effect, first it's the little things then it's the big things, then suddenly no one plays the game anymore. Battlefront 2 recently learned that they had to remove one of their lazy moneymaking schemes, not sure if they put it back in but the backlash was enough to scare them into removing it, that's an example of a big thing, there are many little thing's they did but that's a different story on a different game. Take the time to work on better fixes instead of quicker fixes, it's the better solution, I'm sure you guys want a game for the ages, so don't go for the easy path, or if you do let people know it's only temporary and that you will be getting a better solution when you have the time, don't justify a barely justifiable concept due to laziness, it's unbecoming. Yes this is long because when I get to thinking my mind races, I'm creating a novel at the moment and I have to put in massive effort just to create certain creatures and characters, there are lot's of things to think about, I've researched certain scientific concepts just to make my mythical concepts seem real. I put the same thought process into very many things that I enjoy and I love PokeMMO quite a lot so I put major thought into these things even the ones that don't seem to matter. As of right now I'm one guy with an opinion take from it what you will, at least read it with an open mind is all I ask.
  8. Ah so Leppa Berry is pretty much ether, that kinda makes sense, but if it was the only reason for the nerf I would be still be mad, since it isn't I'm fine.
  9. Honestly I don't even know what Lepa Berry does and for one item I'd say that it would be an excessively moronic balance change, now the shiny argument is one that I fully understand and can't argue against. I tend to like a bit of realism even in my fantasy games, but the shiny argument is not one I can really contest with in good conscience. Gonna look up what Leppa Berry does now.
  10. This doesn't make too much sense, not many pokemon use thief, the best ones for horde farming can't learn it, depending on the horde. 5 pokemon attacking all at once kinda makes that tactic more time consuming as the thief user can only take one item at a time. So anyone that can do it, more power to them in my opinion that's not a balance fix.
  11. Finally I got an answer, that actually makes sense, wouldn't have expected shinnies to be possible in hordes but if that's the case then I understand.
  12. So I was wondering why one use of sweet scent outside of battle effects the whole teams PP of that move, why is this done for balance purposes? All it does is attract hordes for training so to claim it's so badly nerfed for balance seems to be a stretch in my eyes, it's purely for training faster and doesn't break the game, just helps speed things along. You're only allowed 4 uses per pokemon so I don't understand how balance is at jeopardy.
  13. So I remember you guys have been talking a lot about making your own concepts so here is a suggestion for when you can do more personal projects. I've always thought the time traveling PCs could have been better implemented, it could even be a dungeon build possibly. So because we don't need the time travel PCs due to being able to just going to other regions maybe put your own twist on it, making a Pokemon origin dungeon and use Pokemon based on prehistoric creatures as the only catchable Pokemon there. As in Lapras, Aerodactyl, Archen/Archeops, Omanite/Omastar, Kobuto/Kabutops. Honestly you could make it it's own region with it's own rules if you wanted even add uncatchable legendaries as a version of gym leaders possibly, there are so many ways it could go.
  14. Thankyou I remember that site, that's likely the one I'm thinking about, it was 90% accurate for me. I was able to locate a cycle list in the guide tavern. This has a cycle list in it, this is good enough, I'd like a way of knowing before hand but this is fine.
  15. Please read the entire post, the whole point was to find out if I was able to get houndour outside of the safari zone, the game still states that he can be acquired at the altering cave but I didn't find any. The other Pokemon listed is a direct response to your post that had bulbapedias list of acquirable Pokemon and were only mentioned to state that the chart was inaccurate. I am fully aware as to how to get these Pokemon outside of the altering cave, this post is purely to find out if certain Pokemon can still be acquired at the cave. It was meant to see if anyone knew if there was still a cycle list laying around, or waiting for a dev to say it's shut down at the moment. It's entirely possible that I didn't stick around long enough in the altering cave to get houndour, I'd just like to know if it's still a thing and if not why the game isn't yet updated with the wild locations.
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