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  1. Team Name: Distinct Team Tag: DsT Registered Players: Kamowanthere, Xatu, FilthyCasuaI, Znooz, KevinDaPokeTrain, SapphireStoneSSS, Sanddrews, xLarzi, BuggyTheClown Team Captain: Kamowanthere
  2. @MathewMat Why do you have lots of pro photoshop users? Let me borrow one pls thanks
  3. Awesome art But that @PoseidonWrath signature is the new level of photoshop
  4. Also forgot to mention that legendaries have 100% catch rate with Poke Ball, did she run away from it?
  5. Go play vanilla games if you want to hunt legendaries buddy
  6. No 0 speed on a pokemon whose role is only setting trick room and using heal pulse in Doubles Rip
  7. IGN: Kamowanthere Timezone: GMT +3 Tiers: OU/Doubles > NU Something else to farm likes: Do I really need this?
  8. You can just ask them to link pokemon ingame then screenshot
  9. It would be better if they could register only one team for one tournament and keep going with that team whole tournament, in my opinion. Prevents counterteaming, and people would use their best team to see how good that team is actually.
  10. Team Name: Meteor Mash IGN: Kamowanthere - Captain IGN: Ishean IGN: Xatu IGN: FilthyCasuaI (casuai)
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