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  1. ????? I checked the time and clicked "submit entry" right at 22:00:00 (GMT+3) lol I do this every month and I am sure I am not early or something, but alright we got in anyway
  2. Team Name:lävaTeam Tag:lävaRegistered Players: getovaherez, TheDH, badbaarsito, Samehada, Azphiel, Kamowanthere, xzoraboyx, XXJorelXX, SUDAKILL, Manytears, ZoNiFieD, NoNouGatine, Taystee, Takens, PoseidonWrath Team Captain: hannahtaylor
  3. hands down the best breeding service I have seen so far. cheap and very fast 11/10
  4. My ingame name is: Kamowanthere My favourite pokemon is: I like my all monz On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Having fun of @PoseidonWrath My playtime ingame is: around 2.5k hours I would like to join Team Läva because: I love Wrath askim
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