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  1. IGN: Kamowanthere Tiers: Dubs,OU,NU if u give me mons I am dead pick me with your leftover credits as a substitute
  2. this battle screen changed with the addition of unova in 2017, not possible to revert battle screen to older but I suggest you looking at mods section if old battle sprites mod exist, but I highly doubt about that
  3. enough with draco meteor, time to abuse nasty plot this month
  4. time to release doubles gift garchomps
  5. if you cant add Fairy types to balance gen 5 dragon meta you have to do your own balancing. Hydreigon does not care about outrage nerf, it needs its draco meteor to be removed until something is immune to Focus Energy/Choice Specs Hydreigon
  6. are you gonna retry until 30% rng happens again? i don't get it
  7. 500k on Endiii vs CHUCKunso @DrakeHope one take
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