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  1. can't you just handle with Linoone using the safest strat when it was NU foul play mismagius
  2. ign Kamowanthere team: garchomp, togekiss, pelipper, blastoise, kingdra, amoonguss
  3. 400k on kriliin @Paul 100k on imat void if sub/act etc
  4. can we upgrade gliscor to B it is just weaker garchomp with way better ability to set up in dubs. compared to garchomp, its cons: -worse spdef (not much, both of pokemon can be 2 hit knocked out by average 100-130 spatk pokemon) -7 less speed -35 less attack (that is what makes garchomp better imo) -weak to aoe water type attacks unlike garchomp, and doesn't resist rock slide -can be countered by rotoms unless you use rock slide instead of acrobatics, that removes item cons -(only if you use acrobatics) no leftovers or berry but gems can be deadly its pros: -better def -ABILITY hyper cutter (3rd best ability after Clear Body and Defiant for phyiscal attack sweepers, that is what makes gliscor threatening) -fighting resistance, ground immunity which means can be combined with another EQ user to use double EQ awesome duo with follow me blastoise and wide guard hitmontop to set up SD (scald and ice beam are taken by blastoise, muddy water surf and icy wind can be prevented by wide guard hitmontop and gliscor can protect while switching off between toise and hitmon), togekiss or any levitate to spam earthquake when boosted. it is worse garchomp but with enough support it can be so threatening and it is not scared from dual intimidate switch ins, it is more viable than most of C tier pokemons and some of B- pokemons imo
  5. gliscor hyper cutter pretty dangerous when combined with togekiss blastoise and hitmontop
  6. Columbia B 0 - 0 Chile NU - xWhinkz VS Redav Doubles - Kepzal VS ChilyOCB LC - Nallhara VS Nowall Peru A 0 - 0 Argentina A UU - dioxpro VS Souu Columbia A 0 - 0 Mexico OU Enchanteur VS Rayuwu Canada 0 - 0 USA UU - Taystee VS Kekkyx Doubles Superman VS Artemiseta Rest of Europe 0 - 0 China A LC Yettodie VS ElCoolio Rest Of Asia 0 - 0 Brexit OU - xMikasaAckerman VS Kloneman UU - FrostEye VS Linfan NU - SweetforU VS Zymogen SMOU - Dinofish VS BlueBreath @XondeX 50k per, void if sub activity etc etc 1 bet each
  7. paid to cali, lejovi (lmk if huarg-oltan wasn't an activty win and if there is any replay), zymogen ^ lmk if i didn't pay some of bets yet @GhostZzz owes me 200k from julian-fishcakes ign kamowanthere
  8. afaik, this match hasn't been played. should be an activty win
  9. good game to any team we have fought, it was a fun tournament for me and I enjoyed it myself proud to be a part of team Turkey and love it so much <3 good luck to other teams who get to last 8
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