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  1. GN: EsranGG Country: Turkey // Rest of Europa (I have both passports. A turkish one and a german one) Tiers: OU Personal Note: Old but Sexy, reformed myself Discord Tag: Esran#4952
  2. In-Game Name: EsranGG Country: Germany Preferred Tiers: OU Personal Note: Old but Sexy, old name: GodkingEsranius Discord Note: Esran#4952
  3. u will not lose your progress in Sinnoh. Just your Pokemon which was leveled will be in your PC Box and you just start a new tourney and u get a new Level cap.
  4. Esranius


    I want to participate in your weekly giveaways :)
  5. Honestly i made a speedrun through kanto in 9 hours without using gtl.
  6. I guess some of u guys knows me, i made a break about 6 months with PokeMMO but i think i m back now. Hello everyone o/
  7. I like games if i m able to grind it. But if i see 0 progress in a game developement so my motivation drops to zero sadly
  8. I started actually ArcheAge unchainend and thank u for u advices. I have 1000 hours on Warframe played before until i started with PokeMMO ^^
  9. Dear PokeMMO players and friends, Some will recognize me, some won't. I'm gonna stop playing PokeMMO and retire. The game is a lot of fun, but in the long run it has become boring and I will switch to another MMORPG. I won't stop completely, but for now I won't be seen again. I wish you a lot of success hunting Shiny.
  10. Wb i tryed to speedrun the regions too ^^
  11. Welcome and have fun here. If u need any help so be free to ask me. ^^
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