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  1. That is to much for me. I have no time to make it that many. 1,1m (depends on pokemon) i m not making 30 IV pokemon sry. ----- Guys thank u for the Interests but the orders are to many and i have to big interest. I have no time to play for myself atm and it takes to much time. Thats the reason why i will close the shop atm for some weeks.
  2. Actually i m out of leppas, but if u need some i can plant
  3. Esranius

    World Cup week #2

    I lost vs Goon 4:6
  4. Esranius

    World Cup week #2

    The Match between me and Evlgoon should start soon
  5. Alright. But i m very busy. It will take time.
  6. Esranius

    [Livestream] [GER/ENG] Streaming next days.

    i m going online now.
  7. Esranius

    World Cup week #2

    Esranius vs Evlgoon on monday 11 p.m. (Middle European Time)
  8. Esranius

    [Livestream] [GER/ENG] Streaming next days.

    Sry i overread this.
  9. Hi guys, i will stream next days PokeMMO. It is just a test how it works. :)
  10. Esranius

    World Cup Week #1

    it started now
  11. Esranius

    World Cup Week #1

    Channel 4, vermilion in pokecenter
  12. Esranius

    World Cup Week #1

    Esranius vs Urquidi will start now.
  13. My Shop is closed atm. It will be open after World Cup. ^^

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