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  1. Esranius

    Meh Tag Tournament: 34m Prize

    Team Name: Orange-Esranic Warriors Player One: OrangeManiac Player Two: Esranius
  2. Thank u, it was pretty fun to fight against u :)
  3. Esranius

    is zuroa in the game

    Porygon Z is Gen 4 dude.
  4. I m a OU Player but its sad to see if i cant see a UU/NU Match in Matchmaking.
  5. Esranius

    Can we get a "End battle" button in pvp?

    The Difference is: --> if u logging off u will get penalty. --> If u give up with the button, nothing will be happen. I think we need a Solution for that. Maybe if u give up u might be lose Reward Points or something else.
  6. Esranius

    Meh Tag Tournament: 34m Prize

    U can count me. I m in this tournament in every tier.
  7. Esranius

    Improvement of Team Settings

    I know that Team Tournament already exists but i hope for an automatic system like a Matchmaking or Ingame Tournament with prizes etc.
  8. Esranius

    Improvement of Team Settings

    Hello people. I want to make a Suggestion about Team and their Settings. I will put many points on and try out to describe my improvments to you. So far, the teams don't have a big function and sooner or later will be get bored because the content doesn't give much. ---> More Ranks in Team It would be better if the leader or the manager could edit the positions. It would also bedesirable to be able to introduce new positions. But that would only be a small suggestionfor improvement. ---> Team PVP (OU / UU / NU) I know you have a lot to do and other priorities to set, but if you find the time, I'd appreciate it if you could add a new feature in matchmaking. That you can enter the queueas a team (three of you) and fight in a PVP Tier (like OU/UU or NU, mixed will be possible too) together. So you could also make Clan/TeamWars or Clan/Team Fights easier. ---> Housing System in Teams A Housing System would be nice to have a way to pass his time ingame. It would be a new challange for every player who wants to play in a Team. For Example the Teams could use a cave for his own Housing System. You can make everything better with furniture and furnishings, also u can unlock new functions for ur team like a "Bank or Storage" who u can deposit ur items or Pokemons in there another Teammember could take the Pokemons or items for his needs. ---> New Functions (U could open with the Housing System) Storage Box = To deposit Pokemons in Team Storage, who everyone can take the Pokemon, or to deposit items Team Bank = To deposit Money (for Teamintern Events or something like that) Arena = To Sign in a Three-Man Team (One Tier or Mixed) for a Tournament or Clan Fights. Newsletter (example) = To form ur start page from ur Team maybe with colors or something like that. As i said i know u guys have a lot things to do. But it would be great if we can do more things in Team. We can expansion this Idea to be even greater if u have ur own minds about this topic. Greetings Esranius, Member of Team Deutsch.
  9. Esranius

    Missing OU Tournaments

    Hi there, i m unhappy with some Tournamennts right here and i want to make a Suggestion. At first i know my english isnt perfect, but i will try to make the best of my Knowledge about the language. I want to ask about OU Tournnaments. I m really missing OU last time. If i see a Tournament in OU it is mostly to early on 2pm and i m sleeping always this tournaments where i really want to participate. So my suggestion can u guys not start such tournaments like 4-5 pm?

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