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  1. EternaLInsomniac

    My thought's on Level Cap

    true i just wanted to express my opinion about it don't mean to spam. Exactly!
  2. EternaLInsomniac

    My thought's on Level Cap

    lmao nah i have no complaints its jus a game haha
  3. EternaLInsomniac

    My thought's on Level Cap

    Wassupp PokeMMO It's EternaLInsomniac here coming at ya with a brief discussion today, i've been scrolling through the forums seeing whats going on in the community and i stumbled across a few post Regarding Level Caps and how it affects the game and players alike. So IMO i believe Level Caps are Healthy for the environment and player base as a whole because instead of mindlessly training up one pokemon to wreck the entire game it forces you to think a lil bit and come up with atleast a somewhat decent strategy to get through the game and just makes the game a more fun and immersive experience i know some of the new players and returning players just wanna blow through the storylines and jump right into prepping for the competitive side of the game but don't worry bout that enjoy the experience the Devs worked long and hard on the entire PokeMMO Game not just one aspect of it so take the time to enjoy and appreciate it for what pokeMMO is as a whole don't get bent outta shape over cosmetic issues like that. Welp that's my spill for today guys have a blessed day everyone PEACE!

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