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  1. Don't worry, he is like that, he loves to be aggressive when he responds to topics in the forum with which he does not agree.
  2. If it's not too much trouble, could you remove the white from the battle menu and leave it completely transparent?
  3. They are bothering you, nothing is needed to download the pts, when the server is free they will put a download link lol
  4. Possibly we have to wait in the afternoon, I really thought they were going to get the pts in the morning, but no ...
  5. I use controller and the same thing happens to me, I want to select an item and it sends me to the end of the list, it is quite tedious, I hope they solve it
  6. Hello, I would like to request a theme for me and one for my friend :) IGN: None Theme Subject: Red and white elegant Color: White and Red Text (default or custom?): Elegant and beautiful letters Note: I do not want images of any kind, something simple but beautiful and that is elegant with these two colors. Donation? (100k minimum): 150k >>>For my friend<<< IGN: ScarletFury Theme Subject: Elegant and scarlet theme Color: deep red with yellow edges Text (default or custom?): Elegant and beautiful letters Donation? (100k minimum): 100k
  7. Thank you, but if you are going to respond with aggressiveness to the next one, better save your comments, because it is not the first time you respond to a publication with an aggressive tone.
  8. You do not read? I do not try to suggest anything, I just need to know the maximum level that a Pokémon can reach before the Pokemon league in all the Regions.
  9. The information I need is not there.
  10. Hello everyone, the truth is the new exp limit for the Pokémon League took me by surprise, could someone tell me the new limits? Since I can not find them anywhere, thank you very much.
  11. The truth of all the publications that this guy answers, only negative comments for this publication, without any solid argument. I like the idea, especially for the Meowth that you want to take to level 100 and evolve along the way by the minimum carelessness, I hope the developers take it into account.
  12. Any news about the new theme ???? It's been a long time ...
  13. It is not a bad idea, mainly in the equipment, since discord consumes wifi and sometimes complicates when using both programs because both consume resources and that can slow down the PC (It happens to me)
  14. Oh wow, I hope you get better man, good luck!
  15. Any news on this theme? It's already been some time ...
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