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  1. Ja dat ben je :)! welcome, en probeer de app te downloaden via https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/android/ hoop dat het lukt, het is best wel makkelijk te downloaden
  2. I'm glad to help, I wanted to actually recommend adding the Dreamyard and Castelia city battle company building. They're quick and easy to do if you have the team you need and in total both give 40k to 50k. Dreamyard also isn't annoying to go into since no wild Pokemon slow you down.
  3. Way better, just saw the update. The problem with the videos were that if I already had done some re-battles I'd have to go through the whole video to find the spots or through the whole unova rebattle thread. Thanks alot for the guide, has helped me alot :)
  4. Can't really say that I like the videos more for the quick run. Now I have to go through the basic unova rebattles to see which give the most money. The screenshots were WAY more practical.
  5. Update on whoever does not know this, but SATK on route 14 with hordes of Golduck give you 10evs. Highly recommendable.
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