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  1. This isn't really a graphical bug, I guess, but I think it's one with the GUI and I have a graphical account of it, so hey. EDIT: This is what I originally meant to post.
  2. Nice, I didn't know that, thank you. Hopefully we'll see it again sometime. :D
  3. I know this has been said, but I think it would make a very fun one. Our team did one today that was pretty awesome. 3v3 lv10 togepi metronome only tourney. IVs can be perfect and still lose to a bunch of jokes, so it's just a fun way to roll the dice and just hold Z down and you're golden to watch events unfold as they may. (Togepi using Roar of Time, etc is pretty funny, too.) I don't know how this would work in the tourney brackets but round robin worked for us, based on total number of wins, which made it easy to divide up the winnings. I dunno just a thought.
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