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  1. Pilarr

    Vanity Thread

    kuro jacket of incredible anime servamp
  2. Hello! My suggestion is to create a new sub-area in the Salon area, since many of the forum are People who move with Graphic Design or even Arts, I think it would be nice to create a new sub-area where people can share resources with others for example, I will be prestivando of new images without funds to use in the creations so the designers could share their resources with the others that manipulate with Graphic design so that we can help to each other.
  3. Name: Pilarr Team (optional): Background (optional):You decide Render (Pokemon/Character):Nigou [kuroko no Basket]
  4. Text:PIlarrGgWay Team (If you want it added): Character/Pokemon:Ryo Kurokiba Background:You decide Animation:No
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