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  1. yo i'm madara a player on pokemmo I am very lazy so I am looking for a player who can breed me on pokemmo my breeders players have retired I pay after my order is made in exchange mode I often ask for 3x31 2x30 natured for about 650k and more if specific (I have too much to lose for scam or scammed) so you can trust me if you breed me what i ask i will always pay mail me in pokemmo: your price my nickname: MadaraSixSix
  2. I don't want to play with you are you upset? in fact it's been a while since I avoided talking with you you can not do the same? I will no longer answer you good games to you
  3. no it's just that I don't love you and that I have no respect for you and it will hurt my heart to try hard with a guy like you in my team that's all
  4. IGN: MadaraSixSix Tiers: OU NU --------------- >UU------------------------------------------------------------>DOUBLE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>LC Fluff: i like pizza and i have sharingan advice to managers : if you buy me in the same team as pachima or doublejj I don't try hard
  5. best system for choosing managers for my part I will have put an s+ for enchanteur
  6. I agree it's not perfect, but the idea was better to me, than what is happening now good idea for voting, for the competition part, theory and knowledge is good but practice and credibility too for me you should not just want a player who is good in tournaments or who has good knowledge and good calc it takes the total to be a good tc so knowledge, theory, practice, praise for the cloyster player, it is not necessarily bad to have played against him, he just abuses something strong that shows that he understood how it is used to his maximum potential so we agree the idea is not perfect, for that reason I posted it to talk about it and improve it, but even this imperfect idea and for me better than the current state of things I prefer to try to make an election like that is voted for credible players in my opinion that to leave incompetent person to continue decided
  7. Hi everyone, I was thinking of something: The other day, I saw that the current TC was not very appreciated by the community. Why not elect members of the TC with elections? This way, if TC members frustrate players, players won't be able to say anything since they are the ones that put them there. There are votes to decide who will be managers for PSL, so why not do the same? The candidates would have to accomplish something recent in PvP (tournaments, ladder, etc.) if they logically want to evaluate each tiers. And I believe each year, we would get a reset (new elections) in order to avoid being stuck with inactive TC members. The idea can probably be better, I thought of it briefly the other day. I doubt something that make so much sense would ever happen, but I still wanted to share my vision.
  8. yes i remember that match but when the game decides you lose then you will lose I don't have to agree with everything he says, you can't really compare cursed body and scald ... scald and especially annoying for physical pokemon, will be less annoying for pokemon with guts, disharge does not para electrick pokemon ect cursed body will affect the phy and special pokemon, the pokemon with one move, the scarf, the choice band ect and once again for playing a lot OU, playing a lot scald, disharge curse body curse body a proc much more often than burn or para I may be delusional, but it is my impression as a player OU @suigin one tc told me that "gengar was not broken so it didn't matter that he with cursed body" I have to join him on that, gengar or jellicent are not broken pokemon, so even with this ability it's still legit I think I personally don't like this ability either. but i think all tc find this ability normal
  9. sorry to answer you late now that I have finished talking about dugtrio I can answer you I also have the impression that there is a problem with cursed body not only on gengar but even on jellicent by experience I have won lots of games and lost lots of games just because of or thanks to cursed body I am not the solution, I was told that cursed only had 30% proc, I have the impression that it proc more than 30% if i had given a solution i would vote to reduce the cursed body proc I am going to ask the other tc what they think of it even if some do not play OU ...
  10. I don't know what you want to prove by showing two of my teams who are not even weak at Dugtrio yet? that they are rather bulky or stall? I played offense and hyper offense at my psl team matches at certain tournaments as well? for me a player who has won lots of tournaments has a lot more credit than a player who talks a lot 🙂 you're probably right, i'm probably a bad tc I finished talking with you
  11. it is interesting the best defense that I saw for this debate dugtrio does not destroy the level and not trap one pokemon at 100% i agree with this "su habilidad sigue siendo algo malsano no solo en esto, si no en en general, te da una ventaja competitiva lo quieras o no, " no dugtrio even with its ability does not always give an adventage to its user, sometimes having dugtrio is just having a weak pokemon out of 6 yes your example of eelektross + dugtrio is very good it's a good combo well found, but as you will say later there are plenty of combos in different thirds eelektross is capable of disturbing all ground pokemon, exepcté nido that doesn't make dugtrio the strong pokemon, it's just the eelktross movepool which is big, ... if we all have to play nidoquen it's that there is a problem right? then you take this example, but it works because dugtrio is capable of rather well trapped nidoquen, everyone does not always play nido in this team a nido that plays sheed shell, it's like a skarmory or ferrot for magnzone... no it does not always give an advantage in my opinion, something that is not broken should not be banned
  12. 1: I never said that I people had to copy me, but you butler if you have so much trouble vs the terrible dugtrio you can copy me or inspire you if you want;) 2: for the opponent that I beat with blaziken cb he won more tournaments than you, so it's not really up to you to say if he's good or not 3 : my arguments are not good? that's your opinion, a question where are your arguments? 4 : you said bibarel lilligant mantine (rain dance) ect it's shit, very good once again it's your opinion you give your opinion a lot without necessarily explaining why a pokemon is bad, I have personally seen mantine or liligant team sweep, but normal if I go in your direction the advairsaire was zero, or their team building was zero
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