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  1. yes i remember that match but when the game decides you lose then you will lose I don't have to agree with everything he says, you can't really compare cursed body and scald ... scald and especially annoying for physical pokemon, will be less annoying for pokemon with guts, disharge does not para electrick pokemon ect cursed body will affect the phy and special pokemon, the pokemon with one move, the scarf, the choice band ect and once again for playing a lot OU, playing a lot scald, disharge curse body curse body a proc much more often than burn or para I may be delusional, but it is my impression as a player OU @suigin one tc told me that "gengar was not broken so it didn't matter that he with cursed body" I have to join him on that, gengar or jellicent are not broken pokemon, so even with this ability it's still legit I think I personally don't like this ability either. but i think all tc find this ability normal
  2. sorry to answer you late now that I have finished talking about dugtrio I can answer you I also have the impression that there is a problem with cursed body not only on gengar but even on jellicent by experience I have won lots of games and lost lots of games just because of or thanks to cursed body I am not the solution, I was told that cursed only had 30% proc, I have the impression that it proc more than 30% if i had given a solution i would vote to reduce the cursed body proc I am going to ask the other tc what they think of it even if some do not play OU ...
  3. I don't know what you want to prove by showing two of my teams who are not even weak at Dugtrio yet? that they are rather bulky or stall? I played offense and hyper offense at my psl team matches at certain tournaments as well? for me a player who has won lots of tournaments has a lot more credit than a player who talks a lot 🙂 you're probably right, i'm probably a bad tc I finished talking with you
  4. it is interesting the best defense that I saw for this debate dugtrio does not destroy the level and not trap one pokemon at 100% i agree with this "su habilidad sigue siendo algo malsano no solo en esto, si no en en general, te da una ventaja competitiva lo quieras o no, " no dugtrio even with its ability does not always give an adventage to its user, sometimes having dugtrio is just having a weak pokemon out of 6 yes your example of eelektross + dugtrio is very good it's a good combo well found, but as you will say later there are plenty of combos in different thirds eelektross is capable of disturbing all ground pokemon, exepcté nido that doesn't make dugtrio the strong pokemon, it's just the eelktross movepool which is big, ... if we all have to play nidoquen it's that there is a problem right? then you take this example, but it works because dugtrio is capable of rather well trapped nidoquen, everyone does not always play nido in this team a nido that plays sheed shell, it's like a skarmory or ferrot for magnzone... no it does not always give an advantage in my opinion, something that is not broken should not be banned
  5. 1: I never said that I people had to copy me, but you butler if you have so much trouble vs the terrible dugtrio you can copy me or inspire you if you want;) 2: for the opponent that I beat with blaziken cb he won more tournaments than you, so it's not really up to you to say if he's good or not 3 : my arguments are not good? that's your opinion, a question where are your arguments? 4 : you said bibarel lilligant mantine (rain dance) ect it's shit, very good once again it's your opinion you give your opinion a lot without necessarily explaining why a pokemon is bad, I have personally seen mantine or liligant team sweep, but normal if I go in your direction the advairsaire was zero, or their team building was zero
  6. this will be the last time that I say it, I vote alone, and not in team, my team they are my friends, but that is not why I listen to them on certain subject, I was in disagreement with them on the porygon z and I still am by the way porygon z was banned?
  7. so most of the players who use dugtrio do not know team build or do not know how to play ? this logic sucks, you can apply it to all pokemon if the players have bad team builds when they use dugtrio it could be precisely because of dugtrio ?
  8. I don't say "very" I just said common for drapion, I do not understand where you want to come from there, in all the thirds there are pokemon more used than others in OU and UU too, there is indeed a part of the player who always plays the same pokemon, he plays the meta is what works best, but before dugtrio it was also doing you could see 80% of the team made up of the 3 starter because it worked well before the 3 starter played a lot gigalith + sctouland and roserade ect ect ect for the psl team, I played 3 times vs dugtrio, 3 times I won, the 3 times the dugtrio was ussless, even the time when I played blaziken band I was vs dugtrio, but advairsaire was the 3 good players, and I played twice offense and once balance, I played original team and not filled top third, so the conclusion is that I played teams with poke not necessarily top third, and that does not my not prevented from playing games or performing (I have proof of what I'm saying on video, if you doubt me) (ah and I couldn't guess that I was going to play vs dugtrio because I played vs real advairsaire who learned to change team or teambuild new things) me and other players can build teams without being generated by dugtrio, and even if you trap and kill a pokemon by dugtrio you can still take it into consideration and have something that will set up vs dugtrio, dugtrio doesn't do not prevent playing games .. I am going to repeat myself but my goal is to take a right desicion, if a large part of the community is wrong I will not listen, if this same community proves me that I am wrong I listen, it is very simple for me, for the moment this is not the case, and the decorated player is not always right no my definition of broken pokemon, is not equal to wallbreaker, garchomp threatened as much the wall as mega offense, same for pz "uber support" defined as you want it but for me there is nothing uber or broken you little brought wallbreakers against the stall, just like you little brought pokemon not week a dugtrio
  9. without thinking too much, just from my experience as a pvp player it seemed to me more restrictive to have to play against wobbufet than against a dugtrio, simply because wobbufet little trap almost everyone and that he has very good deffance that he has a specific set that he make strong I say "strong" the or dugtrio I say it again I find it average so i will not compare these two pokemon. my example in relation to drapion and a common example that I made on purpose to take because drapion is a common pokemon, it is one argument among many others, it is not the main one I personally played a CB blaziken during the psl team, I also saw whatever player played it CB, but I think players prefer it to be played scarf dugtrio or not, then why would everyone want to play spec pokemon or CB which are weak a dugtrio you little played CB Water or fly type for example I spoke of the elec type for precisely showing that the poke sol does not even trap weak pokemon to itself, you say that dugtrio is negative for the meta it's your opinion, but not mine i signed up with tc to do things that I think is right, if something seems abused I will be for the ban if something seems legit to me I will vote for it, so no I'm not going to listen to the community blindly, " if all the players say olalalal the stall is bad for the games, i would say no it's their opinion not mine "same things with dugtrio on the other hand if you proved to me that I am wrong and that the pokemon is very harmful for the strategy I little changed my vote I am not just one blocked but for the moment I believe to be in the right one I'll end up keeping it simple, I'll always be to ban broken or too strong pokemon in my opinion, for example garchomp sword dance, porygon z in UU, but when it comes to cute little dugtrio who doesn't destroy any team of his own alone, this ability is boring according to what I read the stall is also boring for certain players, should you ban it? I think arena trap + dugtrio is a different ability from other abilities but it is not broken
  10. Winrate is irrelevant to unhealthiness. I don't know how many times we need to bring this up. It is nothing more than a contributing factor that may or may not be decisive. I said that indicates that, the players managed to manage the dugtrio, I am not claiming that it is revealing but rather that his watch that dugtrio is not broken First you are severely undermining dugtrio's bulkiness, since for example, it is able to eat an Ice beam from nidoqueen. Second you are overmining (if thats a word) the ability to take EQs from offensive stuff. And third, u-turn, volt switch and teleport exist. to answer your example ok he tanks a nidoquenn ice beam, but don't ohko necessarily, then yes there is a turn and teleport, so you say that dugtrio needs help to trap a pokemon on top of that capacity? (if so I think it's a lot) Yes, a simple example in a simple game, where every Pokemon is either dead or 100% alive, and where there exists no chipping or hazards or whatever. Pokemon is simply not that game sorry. when you play at a certain level there are things that you little control, certain damage that you should not take, the conditions the hazard control ect, if to win you must have the maximum hp on a certain pokemon that little to do - wtf? how is this relevant. At all. if you ban arena trap dugtrio is useless it's relevant whether you like it or not - So we should not play the top third Pokemon if we want to deal with a supposedly non-problematic Pokemon? Sounds not problematic at all. Charizard? Lilligant? Samurott? Bibarel? I guess Tyranitar in gen3 wasn't that much of an issue cause hitmontop existed in NU then. (I won't even discuss the Omastar. AT ALL! once again you take the path that suits you, I answer especially to all the players who say olala I can not vary my team-building played this or that because of dugtrio while there are a lot of pokemon with potenciel that can be played despite dugtrio Let me explain you two things: First, Drapion's role is to wallbreak. Second Dugtrio's role is to support the rest of the team by removing threats they struggle to handle. Comparing them is like comparing Carrots with a submarine. here you are more or less right, but I compare the two to show that a pokemon like drapion can be much more harmful than a dugtrio Then good thing Dugtrio isn't used to trap those. (Wait, I meant bad thing) flemme
  11. yo all, well before you start you have to know that I did not count argued or defend the why I am against the ban of dugtrio and arena trap, because from my point of view it's a joke to want to ban such an average pokemon.... but I see that many of you are traumatized by the terrible dugtrio! what we can see concerning dugtrio, last month he had a 50% win rate, which is absolutely not incredible, so by this figure we can understand that the players manage to cope with it at the level of the pokemon stat, it has a good speed, and the rest? nothing, it does not tank anything so it cannot come easily on the ground, for that it was played 72% of the time with a sash, he can not even ohko a drapion with his stab if he is not band, and he can not switch against drapion if he is band, and if he is sash he does not ohko not drapion, this is only an example simple.. some talk about ban arena trap, but without arena trap dugtrio becoming a totally useless pokemon ban arena trap is making an average pokemon useless and unplayable... some say olala dugtrio makes pokemon unplayable, but it's just that you played the top third, dugtrio and weak against stall too much, but is not insane against offense, because many pokemon can set this up easily vs dugtrio, even a little sell smash omastar vs dugtrio if the dugtrio is sash (72% of the time) if the dugtrio and cb and he just killed one of your pokemon with his stab you can set up one (mantine and charizard for example) you can also generally easily set up vs dugtrio with liligant, ferraligatueur, eelctross, samurot, bibarel and many others there is also the argument dugtrio is not healthy, but how and by what, if a specific mechanic bothers you, it's just that you are closed in mind, why a dugtrio is less healthy than 'a drapion which little killed these counter with crit 50% of the time? the drapion which kills are counter little potencielment 6-0 a team, the dugtrio little trap a pokemon, not 6-0 all alone a team he helps like a support nothing more last incredible thing, the terrible dugtrio loses the 1vs1 against electric type, he loses vs pickachu (bulff + extreme speed) he loses vs rottom specter, he loses vs elektross, if you played manetric scarf he cannot come on you either easily it will be a 50-50 between volt switch or not, can not also come free on stunfisk because do not ohko There are surely other example arguments that I could give you but I think that is enough, because by complaining you have not really given good arguments to ban the terrible dugtrio
  12. yooo all,i play a BO5 for my familly sia, (I had talked about stream but it is not for everyone immediately, maybe around September or October when I will have a new computer) spoill : part 1 i play stall and rain because i like walls and i like water ! part 2 i play very well, i active genjustsu (insane first match on part 2)
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