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  1. I decided to choose gligar because the poor was not chosen by anyone my team is an MEGA OFFENSIVE WALLERO POWWERRR https://pokepast.es/736ecc9d1e61d2e0 the objectif its para with thunder or disharge and sweep with bulky pokemon gligar or empoleon if not passe vapoeron i pressure with dusclops for pp stall , if use my flamme with nido i week the brozong if i trick p2 with my p2 i have eviolite its nice and my p2 bring speed control if I'm not tricked I just took advantage of the para brought by disharge or thunder for para flinch with air
  2. UUPPPPPP My Finale match in psl team rip finale
  3. steal rock > yanmega just for it dont compare pz with yanemga
  4. sry I confused with another player no difference with croc and heracross? heracross and croc have many counter and check, than pz I've been playing this game for a while, the tiers parties have always changed, it doesn't bother me as long as the tiers party is still strategic, currently this is not the case
  5. you are one of the best player of this game, it's normal that you can win without even using the most broken pokemon in the UU but I saw which one of you is match you still play 2 steel poke including a full def spe with protection ^^ so you consider porygon z more than other pokemon UU in your teambuild. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it always hurts me to come and discuss on this meta forum when I know that many of you are stubborn and do not always understand the games if you hit a cofra with
  6. I won't talk about reward shiny because I know it's a dead end but, for the perfect non shiny pokemon everyone can have some, what is the point of rewarding players who try hard the ladder with negative pokemon? I tried these 2x31 4x25 comp several times and it made me lose a lot of matches, because sometimes an imperfect poke dies or takes too much damage, where as a perfect poke does not risk anything, after this observation I decided to release all pokemon obtained in matchmaking Personally I preferred win 1 pp normal or 1 super candy than a negative comp
  7. UP for my first match in psl teams (Tiers NU)
  8. UP FOR TT MATCH EZ WIN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (subtile for part 2 and 3 but not for 1 i dont know for why) and bonus for hater i lose :/ sweet crit me i am no happy :/
  9. Yo all I introduce myself, I'm MadaraSixSix, (a big player pvp on pokemmo), not everyone knows but I make videos of pokemmo on youtube, the idea of my video is to explain my plays and my way of playing to help the novice player, and entertain the more experienced the only small problem is that I speak French, but i think all have option for translate, so it's fine my last vidéo tournamant UU for a shiny rhyperior : (some video will not have subtitle do no ask me why is youtube that decides xd) and mmm other tournamant OU for a shiny ferr
  10. say that jawax almost didn't be a manager gg my op team
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