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  1. UP FOR TT MATCH EZ WIN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (subtile for part 2 and 3 but not for 1 i dont know for why) and bonus for hater i lose :/ sweet crit me i am no happy :/
  2. Yo all I introduce myself, I'm MadaraSixSix, (a big player pvp on pokemmo), not everyone knows but I make videos of pokemmo on youtube, the idea of my video is to explain my plays and my way of playing to help the novice player, and entertain the more experienced the only small problem is that I speak French, but i think all have option for translate, so it's fine my last vidéo tournamant UU for a shiny rhyperior : (some video will not have subtitle do no ask me why is youtube that decides xd) and mmm other tournamant OU for a shiny ferr
  3. say that jawax almost didn't be a manager gg my op team
  4. the best players win with the old or new system the new system is objectively better, lazy to explain
  5. IGN : MadaraSixSix reason : for fun Tiers : OU NU UU (i can play lc and dubs but i dont like...) Competitive accolades : mmm i won vs thorrm yesterday, and i have a bad win to psl ratio a advice dont buy me dear other random stuff : i play only teemo in league of legend
  6. ok legit for enchanteur and jawax and lotus ?
  7. i think the choices are bad jawax lotus :/ and this idiot d'enchanteur
  8. ign : MadaraSixSix Reason : player since 2016, i participated in different psl as a player, with my teams i have often done semi or finale, i win tournamant team with my team sia, i know the game very well and i know meta in all tiers i can also say that iam one of the best player in the game, mm i joke i dont participe in this psl its just to trap myy friends sia, i win a lot tournamant in all tiers, i have full resources, stuff : i have sharingan and when iam hungry i can transform in super saiyen ! gl all managers for this event !
  9. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, gbwead, MadaraSixSix, Stelian, Jaawax, Schuchty, Lunarck, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLLLL, AwaXGoku, Kanicula, Pirlo, Evenils, daveN, LeZenor, Cmawesomee. Team Captain: MadaraSixSix (the handsome player in pokemmo)
  10. MadaraSixSix : dusknoir, renu, blissy, porygon z, volcarona, tyranosif
  11. i know that you want to play but sorry not today
  12. mmm immunity volt > immunity cause one will o wish possible miss and 2 garchomp possible play sub and 3 no have price in your teambuild you play one poke sweeper with immuty elec you know this ^^ yes monkey fast but no bulky and ok but dragon have good coverage too niceeee wide lens you op but if you play wide lens you no have your berry for move water no ? mmm fire fang have only 5% chance to miss and possible flinch i accept this risk if i win at no play wide lens on my poke with my dragon i no force with eq when i have my stab dragon for fly
  13. dragon have one immunty importante at volt switch dragon have big stats offensive and deff than monkey he no need to play stone eadge = no risk to miss he no need to play move closes combat (drop def phy and def spe) (and ez rk with priorty) no need play flare blitz move = lose hp and the type dragon ground >>>>>>> fire fight
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