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  1. yo gm the zoroark you're mailing is 2x31 and 4x25 not 3x31 and 3x30
  2. IGN: MadaraSixSix Tiers: OU NU uu and sm ou NO LC for noobs no dubs for gays Something else to farm likes: my favorite color is black and i like pizza and chocolate
  3. the old player remembers past victories as he can no longer win today? it takes frags as an example but it was not the king before? normal that it is always good now the other old player says that he will always be at the top today but he does not prove he is only talking gb has played before and now he can do this first to have a constructive opinion I have nothing more to say because you have the final just a problem of excessive ego not to understand that the competition and much more complex than your time
  4. I prefer earlier too because I would like to do the NU but i follow majority me too
  5. IGN : MadaraSixSix Pokemon 1: minautope (excadrill in English i think) Pokemon 2: gengar Pokemon 3: Togekiss Pokemon 4: gyradoss Pokemon 5: salamence Pokemon 6: Tyranitar
  6. on ne sais pas beaucoup parler, mais du peu qu'on a parler je t'aimé bien je me rappelle la premier fois ou on à discuté c'était pendant un tournois triple ou on a jouer l'un contre l'autres dans la bonne humeur tu m'avais même conseillé la distorsion pour ce tiers ou je ne connaissez rien^^ repose en paix jeune fille
  7. the team is definitive for all the tournaments? and how much time do I have to prepare it? ( i dont understand vgc and double speciale )^^
  8. yooo in (i dont think possible win this tournament because i no have lc and double comp) if a miracle i dont play finale because i pref milotic than chansey iam not received this lucario I think it's a good idea to reward the best of the month nice job light
  9. gbwead has a viable solution, it's well thought out I hope they will listen to you
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