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  1. I am sure that they are giving the maximum effort for this project. people are a bit rushed, but sometimes delay and quality are better than speed and generic, people are really excited and that's why they are impatient. on the other hand... am I the only one who would be fascinated to know the lore of PokeMMO Epsilon? @kyu
  2. Escavalier Set / Knight Set
  3. my favorite all my life has been cacturne, and very close to him competes darmanitan galar for that charisma that he gives off
  4. IGN: MegaBladers Preferred Tiers: lcOu , LcDubs Discord: MegaBladers#2046
  5. IGN: MegaBladers Country: Colombia Tiers: OU, UU, NU, DUBS Discord: MegaBladers#2046
  6. hair, bracelets and glasses for female characters
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