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  1. Nombre del equipo: Harigakure Etiqueta del equipo: HARY Jugadores registrados: VicPinto, MisuttiKun, Devilongo, Ariamia, Yuzuky, jonyhlp, fleare, iWyvern, MegaBladers Capitán del equipo: MegaBladers
  2. Suggestion: Toxic Veil
  3. Team Name: Harigakure Team Tag: HÂRY Registered Players: VicPinto, AngelHM, Yuzuky, Devilongo, jonyhlp, MegaBladers Team Captain: MegaBladers
  4. My Suggestion #4 Garchomp costume and Hat
  5. Mi sugerencia # 1 (nuevamente publicada porque hubo una falla) Traje de Akatsuki y Scythe de Hidan
  6. My Suggestion #3 Victiny Costume and hat
  7. Suggestion #2 , Armor of the lich King
  8. My suggestion :3 Scythe of Hidan and Akatsuki Costume https://postimg.cc/crr638p1 https://postimg.cc/crr638p1
  9. My suggestion :3 Scythe of Hidan and Akatsuki Costume
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