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  1. 最近因为一个口袋妖怪主播在直播口袋mmo,导致大量新人加入mmo游戏中来,当然也面临了很多问题,关于线下交易,很多新玩家是不知道在mmo中,这种行为会导致封号,所以我建议gm能在游戏登录界面上将相关关于封号的条款能展示出来,而且在游戏中进入新场景,加载过程中可以加上小贴士什么的 Recently because of a Pokemon in the live anchor pocket MMO, resulting in a large number of new entrants in the MMO game, of course, is also facing a lot of problems, on line trading, a lot of new game player is not known in MMO, this behavior will lead to the title, so I suggest that GM can login interface about the title in terms of admiral the game can be displayed, and into a new scene in the game, the loading process can add what tips.Finally, I
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