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  1. You both should try and be more civilized, its not that hard to show some kindness you know. The kid was just trying to give a suggestion to the game, don't discourage it, he maybe will have some good ideas up his sleeve later on. Atleast he tries to better this community. Get's a A+ for effort if you ask me. If you have a better idea, i want to see you give it a go, otherwise dont break someone down and keep it civilized.
  2. I would quit the game if they dare bring back Time Limited items..... I spend a lot of hard earned pokédollars on those and i farmed a lot of hours for those amounts:/ Thats like waisting 1000 of hours of your life trying to catch a magikarp.....Which is just not done....(Though Magikarp is OP as fuck,better use one of your masterballs) Like you have rare vanity hunters, you have shiny hunters....who, guess what? Use leppa's.... I myself stack 1000 of leppa's or more to go hunt (and even after a lot of time i'm still shinyless,It's part of the game so don't complain....)
  3. Name: Quadesh Team: None Render/Character: Primeape,Machoke or Hitmonlee(<3 Fighting type) Background (optional): A fighting ring or suprise me Donation: 200.000 for a signature and 100.000 extra for a userbar with it, Suprise me
  4. I demand a rematch, it was totally fixed since i had like the best catch ever:o
  5. hate to cya go man....whats the other mmo though?
  6. Why not add something to a place like pokemon tower in lavender town for deceased players.... If i remember correctly the upper level has three stones at the end where you could add the names to for example? It gives people a place to remember and pay respect to the players of our community that lost their lives. And it would appease more people then a vanity for sure. Just an idea ofcourse.
  7. Happy B-day my man! May your gold flow and your ennemies fall slain at your feet. Ow waith....? isn't that a goblin quote? Oh well, may you have anything you desire bro.:D
  8. That you are not in it is all MM his fault! He said you couldn't unless you go on a date with him:/
  9. Only important members, raku said :P Sorry :P Yea , we are great I know:P
  10. Can't believe I almost let a perfect oppurtinity pass that I didn't show off my second electric:/ This is for you @MathewMat:p
  11. Do you even Shell smash bro? Date and time: This Sunday June 17th at 12Pm EST | 4pm GMT 5pm BST Rules:Ou/Uu/Nu Location Island 4 ch1 PC Prize: 5x31 Carracosta Adamant + $$500.000$$ Good Luck and May Rng Be With you
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