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  1. Yo, came to pay my respects. It's been a while just wanted to say I love you man and will miss you a fuck ton.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY&feature=kp   Gratz Lyle, here have a Queen. [spoiler] Gee gosh, I hope that chest hair won't count as nsfw, inb4 banned 4 lyfe. [/spoiler]
  3. Meow I'm a kitty!~

    1. InfiniteHeartz


      Aww.. *Pet the kitty* KAWAII <3

    2. FutureChampion
    3. bubblefish4


      *Purrrrrrrssssss* <3

  4.     One golden star sticker for whoever can guess which town he was in when he said it. Answer: [spoiler] Viridian [/spoiler]
  5. Having a break from pokemmo for a while!~

  6. Adding a new tutorial soon!~ If chu have any ideas on anything chu would like to learn about just ask!
  7.   Thank chu all!~ <3 I'll make a new tutorial soon I just need to get my sigs finished and such!~ :D
  8. true chu would need a godly level of irony and a demonic saturation of swag sprinkled over to pull it off. you can do it.
  9. ikr? plot twist, I thought she was just flashing and was all bimbo like and then wham!!!!! LEMON BELLY BUTTON! who say that coming?
  10. Won't be able to make sigs today, sorry sorry!! I'm going to hang out with friends today and have a break! (Not the show friends)

  11. ? Post here, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/37627-sig-bubblys-sigs/ (Sorry for advertising my sigs here everyone I didn't mean to T^T)
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