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  1. your ign please and rechoose a number since its taken
  2. the number is already taken ,please see what numbers are available and rechoose
  3. \\Team Lava Members Only// \Prizes/ 500.000 pokeyen (for each winner) \Details/ select one number and post it along with your ign(in game name),after date expires the winners will be chosen randomly with a with a random number gen selector \Date/ expires at 28/7/2019 \informations/ There will be 4 winners in this lottery,so more chances for u to win ! good luck too all ! \Attention/ Any outsider that will make an entry ,it wont be count on registration 1.KawaiiRem 2.xxLingYaoxx 3.Dstax 4.AlexGanon 5.Regina 6.BrokenBulb 7.Agis 8.AwesomeCaleb 9.ShinyJirachii 10.MzKPlayZ 11.NhokPies 12 13.Damacus 14.Cypherino 15.YuukiMikaru 16.Getovaherez 17.Xigbaar 18.Kuplion 19.Liiaa 20.PoseidonWrath 21.TresMD 22.Arwan 23.DoubleDee 24.Alphakru 25.AustinCider 26.PatataVerde 27.Willfer 28.Leviatharan 29.Nonougatine 30.Samehada 31.Dibz 32.SerpentLord 33.Fixedgaming 34.DrSidious 35 36 37.Maskerada 38.KeniNyx 39.Goku 40.Obito 41 42.Pawnwolf 43 44.Jekabs 45.LordMav 46 47 48.NikHill 49 50.Pyroslay 51.BenjaBB 52 53.Cali 54 55 56.Strodex 57.Hercules 58 59 60.ibatmans 61
  4. illegal funny thing to say,why is that even illegal?there is always an if ,nice try to isolate one sentence but not gonna work as said ,we protote yes ,as u do clearly promote bf ,i am sure u would be more than fine if lava in general supported bf .at least we dont trynna make pl change their minds like u did
  5. the only thing i see in that screenshot is a try to change the mind or making feel bad of a player that voted einstein ,do we promote einstein as person ?yes we do ,is our right to do and we wont apologize for that,did we force anybody tho or trynna make him change hes mind?i dont think so fnt, many of our members voted for bf and i dare u to ask our members who voted for bf if theye had any pressure or if we tried to change their minds ,make sure of what u accusing us for before posting bs
  6. Pokemon that i am willing to lend out ou pokes available for lend : uu pokes available for lend: nu pokes available for lend:
  7. \ Team catching Event / Date and Time This saturday 29th of june /1 pm edt Location island 4 kanto lapras spawn room(water) Duration 1 hour to catch your entry /10min to submit it Scoring tentacool and lapras will count as valid entry Bonus species Lapras + 15points Rules To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved) your entry has to be your ot you can only submit 1 pokemon as entry if a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determinated by the earlier catch time Notifications please gather at island 4 pc 10 minutes before event starts WARNING any spoiling will result in disqualification (dont link your entry during event ) \\PRIZES// 1 PLACE snowman costume and hood 2 PLACE ice elfbot outfit EVENT HOSTS \\AGIS AND REGINA // Good luck to all hope u have fun !
  8. good luck with your shop fixed!u own this,best signature maker i know ,ty for making mine btw,its awesome ^^
  9. Great cool looking shop daeynis ,i know u make some of the best signatures ! bet gonna be real popular soon,gl with it ^
  10. firstly wanna thanks @Linfanz for selecting the lucky number for us, also wanna thanks everyone that participated and being a part of lava all this time, newer or older members helping us growth and grow stronger every day ,each one of u have contribute so lava can be what is it today,so thank u all for that ! congratulations @BrokenBulb78 for winning the lottery ^
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