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  1. Its the same point, the both can ruin you with the RNG, and no one team have all covered, like ex:Togekiss scarf can fuck you up with air slash who can flinch in every attack, you also can lose because a miss against Garchomp, You have various options of dealing with a Togekiss Garchomp in sand storm, You can choose to run something that deals with Garchomp: Ice moves/Dragon moves/priority moves/focus sash/always hit moves/status/weather/counters. If we gonna start to ban things only because a bad match up or because a RNG turn can make us lose we gonna need start to ban various pokemon.
  2. What next? make Serene Grace in Togekiss Uber too?, the RNG was always part of the game
  3. The idea of the comp is have the oportunitie of have and try different compositions and move set, with this the only thing you gonna do is make more hard get a big number of Pokemon comps. If every years you need re breed the every Pokemon you gonna use is like start from the begin Inclusive if the breeding system is cheaper, the lost of time in breeding, train and leveling is the same (g.t)
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