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  1. RoiZzz

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    there is no point in improving GTL if most do not know how to use it, you're being ignorant of wanting to reject a proposal that will benefit many players! if you do not want to help because you leave the topic and will waste your time in another corner, this is a proposal to help the players! generally !
  2. RoiZzz

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    This is the proposal to reduce the language barrier! Exemplo: Other Player : WTB Ditto 1x31 sp atk Sent it to him by email for the price and he pays it at the same time, not even needing to talk to him yet! Okay, solved the problem!
  3. RoiZzz

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    speaks this to those who use "chat trade" and the tip is to make an improvement in Email / pc In the players we give tips on how something can improve, in the case I am giving this idea, I have seen in many games tbm, for example eden eternal, which by the way had many more pokeMMO sales options, had a GTL, had personal trade , you had your personal shop (you opened your store and it was afk, it was just a person coming and clicking that opened your store) and had the payment via letter! you sent a letter with the item and the person just made the payment, and you received the money in another email! I'm sure this is a very good idea and GM may well do it in the biggest joke in the world!
  4. RoiZzz

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    And the hard work when you find a sale via gtl, or someone from your team, you just want to sell it to him without having to go where he is. is much better than putting on GTL and someone else still buys before it
  5. RoiZzz

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    many people do not use gtl, still use "chat trade"
  6. RoiZzz

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    This type of trading is done for anyone who wants to sell to a single person, in the case a person that you got the sale in the chat trade, but you do not want to go to it, this idea is made for it! There are many cases of people selling to a person from another country and the other person does not know how to communicate very well with our language, so this type of email with sales is a VERY good help because the person is already aware of the price of the product , so we do not have to go after the person to trade, still have the job of knowing her language and trying to communicate with her, many people use only the acronym: WTS exemple item or pokemon and the person already comes in your private chat and speaks: I buy! So you've saved a lot of your time just by doing it; D
  7. This was an idea I had, I've seen this method in some games, it works very well! this method helps those who like to sell and exchange items with people in exchange for money, but do not like to go to the place where the person is! So I did an example of how it would be using the program photoshop. You could also place a fee to pay for the service, for example 1% of the tax amount (or the same price as sending a letter by email / pc) In the example I put an item and it covers $: 500, 00 (half of 1k) So I made another example, in case ... receiving ! that is, paying to receive the produt. EXEMPLE: Sending exchange for payment: EXEMPLE: Reaching the other player (Buyer) Anyway, this is an idea that will help a lot who is a player who lives on items, breed and farming :3
  8. Thank you ! The newest and updated is posted on the topics! : 3
  9. Ah , thanks <3 :3
  10. RoiZzz

    I make themes! for people and team!

    recent delivered, ready for new orders! :P Ready for new orders! My discord: RoiZzz#3281
  11. Hey guys! I updated the theme! A lot of people came looking for it and it was out of date, I was out for a while, due to people problems, but I came back active ... I went back to selling my themes :) From time to time I will be making available some test versions for you forum members! My > DISCORD < Click here Download/Baixar: Mediafire Google Drive Tutorial: In my themes I always put a tutorial followed by images, in case you do not know how to put the theme! Step 1: Close the game, avoid the error in your game, when you put theme, mod or audio mod, do not do it with the game open! 2 ° locate the game folder "C: \ PokeMMO \ data \ themes" 3 ° you will only put the folder '' Mega Blaziken Vs Mega Lucario 2.0 '' in the place destined 4 ° Open the game! 5 Settings on login screen 6th Interface 7th Theme, put what you just took ^^ 8 ° Save or confirm that you will want to use the theme and have fun! Login Screen: PC: Pokemon Summary: Card Trainer Battle HUD browse by JeSSeRoiZ in game My authorization! GM authorized! :
  12. Hi guys, I'll be updating the theme for everyone! Wait...
  13. RoiZzz

    I make themes! for people and team!

    ultimos pedidos entregues , pronto para novos pedidos! latest orders delivered, ready for new orders! My discord: RoiZzz#3281 DISCORD GROUP
  14. RoiZzz

    I make themes! for people and team!

    livre para novos pedidos! meu discord: RoiZzz#3281 Ready for new orders! My discord: RoiZzz#3281 pedidos recentes e antigos entregues , pronto para novos pedidos ! :p recent and old orders delivered, ready for new orders! :P

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