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  1. Hola, tienes temas que vendes y eso? me interesa ver algunos

  2. The sprites are ok, but when looking at poke on dex it gets very buggy, some are very disproportionate
  3. Hi guys, after a long time without appearing on the forum, decide to return to the game and the forum, and my themes of course :) You know where to find me; My discord: RoiZzz#3281 Exemple: Installation and Downloads: Update Notes:
  4. Hello, I would like an exclusive theme so that I can place orders. Try talking to you in private, but do not tell me when you will be available to talk about the exclusive issue.

    Nickname: IFearlesss

    1. RoiZzz


      my discord: RoiZzz#3281

  5. I received 3 orders of this in the discord sooner, I think I'll end up doing haha
  6. GYARADOS SHINY Hey guys, I get many requests to do this theme and here it is! I hope you enjoy it and anything,just let me know if I have an error :( Exemple: Installation and Downloads: Update Notes:
  7. this topic is already updated: p, I did this yesterday :)
  8. New download link, already updated! (11/26/2018)
  9. Updated today 11/26/2018, already updated with particles
  10. Team Valor Value, Team Instinct and Team Mystic Updated with particles in the pokemon summary, the layout is based on pokemon GO, this is the beta, maybe I update later, make improvements ^^ Downloads: Team Valor: MEDIAFIRE Team Instinct: MEDIAFIRE Team Mystic: MEDIAFIRE image examples Team Valor: Team Instinct: Team Mystic: Update: Particle in theme , Latest Halloween Event Updates! Tutorial: In my themes I always put a tutorial followed by images, in case you do not know how to put the theme! Step 1: Close the game, avoid the error in your game, when you put theme, mod or audio mod, do not do it with the game open! 2 ° locate the game folder "C: \ PokeMMO \ data \ themes" 3 ° you will only put the folder '' Team Valor or Team Instinct or Team Mystic'' in the place destined 4 ° Open the game! 5 Settings on login screen 6th Interface 7th Theme, put what you just took ^^ 8 ° Save or confirm that you will want to use the theme and have fun!
  11. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  12. @Darkshade this would be very good, because sometimes even trusted players of the people do not trade back to return the pokemon, this is really annoying T-T
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