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  1. In truth I was wanting to buy one, and since I was with it open, I took advantage and took print ...
  2. Thanks for the report, as the MOD is in the test version there still must be many errors. I'll be arranging this bug fix. S2
  3. Hello. I took the liberty to "Upgrade" the MOD Battle Sprites DMG Icons v1.1 made by HexedHero. the mod contained errors: animations exchanged among others, only the third generation. I was uncomfortable, I am not creator of content, I only fixed some errors without second pretensions. (MOD by -> HexedHero ). (Modification by me) Screenshots: To Install: 1. Download the archive bellow. 2. Put the file in the "PokeMMO \ Data \ Mods" 3. Open the game. 4. Open the mod manager and check the MOD "Battle Sprites DMG Icons" (Battle Sprites Animated With DMG Icons v1.2) Test Version Download Mediafire -> Click HERE. Download Direct -> Click HERE. If you find any errors, please comment here below, Thanks.
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