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  1. grats for that new beauty @Limbow bro
  2. added Wally grats for first OT @xWallbang
  3. added my new baby and @Endirei in the showcase !
  4. guys speak to me IG or send me a message on discord for updates thank you added @Getovaherez rhydon and added @Limbow
  5. @MathewMat @ozzie1550 @DestinyPlus @johnellin (xAGISx) @xRdZiiiN @PoseidonWrath @Obvi @Goku @Bobgod @dexidious @Terresa @Kamowanthere @AustinCider (Pikes) @Raritymon @snelly2k13 (DoubleDee) @Getovaherez @dSTnE @Azphiel @Haizamon @KawaiiRem @MikasaA @Limbow @Endirei (Endiii) @inneedoffriends (fibs) @xWallbang (Wally)
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