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  1. here all my encounters except bulbasaur that its a lucky hatch darumaka and ponyta missing screenshot https://imgur.com/a/9WQ3WZ3
  2. tyvm @awkways very cool name of the team, all ppl ive met till now are very friendly and im very happy being in a shiny collector/hunters team, seems like we have some rare here xD i also want to thank my very good friend @SyaChan for speaking about me to you guys !!! LETS GET SOME STARTERS NOW MR's
  3. i run from a male pidgeotto by mistake speaking in teamchat the next day it came back female
  4. one more desired <3 pokemon manshion cleared no rat thanks RN JESUS <3
  5. 7 for me xxxAGISxxx ty Keys for one more great lottery :D
  6. ty dibz bro its sad ppl saying to report man cause of trying hard ;) if u think my first main was the most unlucky account i ever saw i was not going to waste 2500 hours of my life ^^ if i wanted to hack
  7. ela re trele !!! send me a whisper in game xxxAGISxxx
  8. Congrats to 1st Willfer who had a great score of 176!! and to Pikes who won 2nd place with 144 score! sad for pyroslay who had the same score but a later catch!!!! Thanks to everybody who participate best luck on next event !
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