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  1. congrats my bro @Raritymon for new beauty !!!! great rng keep it up :D
  2. added @RenDude good luck man on our team!!!!! also grats @SimonZwei for new and @Legilimens for a very nice start with !!!!!
  3. it came!!! not a 2nd mankey !!!!!! 33.5k encounters
  4. this is how i do it !!!!! video recorded 5 minutes before shiny encounter from i phone 5 and then sent via messenger i dont know why so bad quality!!! sry for couldnt make a better gif again gonne to catch fast from shock haha this caught on the alt!!!
  5. new from @Raritymon !!!!! and adding @Getovaherez with new congrats!!!!!
  6. 1600-1700 encounters forgot to check from the shock forgot to stop recording and video destroyed finally i was lucky fixing it online Thank you for that luck pokeMMO <3 Adding @axill132 and @Socky!!!!!! good luck guys!!
  7. have fun bro!!!! i just cought shiny chinchoo i update after work! its 04:03 now i work in a hour that chinchoo confirmed my words !!
  8. btw where are u long time to see u in game since your friend left
  9. 9 in 2 months* 27 in less than a year* first account agisklmt 2500h hunting no ot! my hack is that i fk my resting time from work if u mean that! thanks for being happy for me friend
  10. im glad and thankful 1460 encounters after mankey
  11. not gold snake but the angry mankey suits me 33.460 encounters
  12. new very nice shiny from @Raritymon grats bro!!!
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