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  1. I don't think there's any way to do that. However, you can try contacting an admin. :)
  2. Good luck getting it back fam
  3. The black screen error might be a problem with your internet. Also, you should post that in this forum section.
  4. Awesome job! I like this dark/blue theme you made. Could you send us the JSON file so we can use it? c:
  5. Yes. You can use mods for custom Pokemon animations, music, ui, etc. Check this forum section for more info.
  6. All the staff members are in the Discord server, including the SGMs. @Bearminator - Bear#9464 @Kizhaz - Kizhaz#9572 @Rache - Rache#3222
  7. Neat! There's an extension named Stylus which you can use to overwrite site themes. It would be nice if you could make it work with it. :) @Kyu
  8. BrokenBulb

    Dark Theme

    A dark theme would be nice for the forums. :)
  9. I appreciate your appreciation. :^)
  10. What's your internet speed?
  11. I did not have any problem installing the update. It might be your internet connection. Visit this page if you want to test your speed. :)
  12. Hello Stuttles, welcome to PokeMMO! Let us know if you need help with anything!
  13. You can find Gift Shop at the bottom right of your game. RP stands for Reward Points and to earn them you should donate or win an official event.
  14. Re-install/repair your client and check your ROMs. Then follow again the steps carefully.
  15. I replied to your first post, check it out! :)
  16. All you can do is to make a suggestion and wait for a Developer to reply.
  17. There are no plans for it currently.
  18. Ah, I've never used an ocarina before. With the screenshot you included I thought you just press A one time lol
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