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  1. Maintenance should be over within 6 hours. See Kyu's post for more information:
  2. Glad to help, have a wonderful day! Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance. c:
  3. To see each other, you both must be in the same channel. To change your channel click the Community button (3rd button from the left) and click Change Channel.
  4. According to staff, this issue is being worked on and should be resolved shortly. If the problem persists, make sure to submit a Support Request to provide further details related to the error you encountered.
  5. As stated in Privacy Policy, PokeMMO stores every chat message into their servers, including whispers. However, the staff is not adviced to access user chat logs unless a breach of the Terms of Service is suspected, when they need them for debugging/development purposes, or when a support request has been made. Hope this helps!
  6. No worries, you can still recover your account. Make a post in the Support Request section and a staff member will assist you the quickest possible.
  7. If you don't have access to Hoenn's port city yet, talk to your mom and she shall bring you back to your starting region.
  8. It doesn't work like that. Mewtwo and Rayquaza are random encounters here. See guide for future reference ^^
  9. If you have been waiting over 48 hours and still haven't received the email, make a post in the Support Request section and a member of the staff will assist you as quick as possible.
  10. Hey there! Unfortunately, the game lacks some of the story content, including Black City. But don't worry about it, I'm sure that's something scheduled to be added in a future update. :)
  11. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! And a new year filled with joy and peace! :)
  12. Hi, Try updating your sound card drivers or try using different speakers, it works sometimes. If none of these solutions work, try making a post in Support Section with the required information. Good luck!
  13. There has been no word from the developers since the last PTS release. You'd have to be patient until they ensure everything is done.
  14. Hi there! You should still be able to use all on-screen buttons without any issues. If you are stuck for good, you must clear the app's data by heading to Settings > Apps > PokeMMO > Storage > Clear Data. This will set everything to their default values.
  15. Are you getting a specific error or just incorrect credentials error?
  16. Change its extension to .zip and extract it.
  17. Other users have to manually press buttons so they don't get disconnected while you're using a third-party software to make your device do the job for you, gaining an unfair advantage over them.
  18. Yes, using any kind of automation software will get you banned as it states at 2c of Code of Conduct.
  19. Battle Points are used to buy various items/moves from places like Trainer Tower, Battle Frontier and Battle Station. On the other hand, Reward Points are used to buy cosmetics and items from the Gift Shop.
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