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  1. There has been no word from the developers since the last PTS release. You'd have to be patient until they ensure everything is done.
  2. Hi there! You should still be able to use all on-screen buttons without any issues. If you are stuck for good, you must clear the app's data by heading to Settings > Apps > PokeMMO > Storage > Clear Data. This will set everything to their default values.
  3. Are you getting a specific error or just incorrect credentials error?
  4. Change its extension to .zip and extract it.
  5. Other users have to manually press buttons so they don't get disconnected while you're using a third-party software to make your device do the job for you, gaining an unfair advantage over them.
  6. Yes, using any kind of automation software will get you banned as it states at 2c of Code of Conduct.
  7. Battle Points are used to buy various items/moves from places like Trainer Tower, Battle Frontier and Battle Station. On the other hand, Reward Points are used to buy cosmetics and items from the Gift Shop.
  8. Black City and White Forest aren't implemented to the game yet. Sorry to hear that.
  9. There was a server issue that caused difficulties like the one you're experiencing. Now it's been resolved and everything should be working as usual now.
  10. Nope, you would have to catch it again since it will go back to the wild.
  11. No, it won't. It will only run away if you logout or put it in the PC.
  12. Good to know! I assumed it was used for quick keyboard navigation when I first tested it out.
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