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  1. BrokenBulb78

    Need ingame help

    Ohh wait what, I thought you were talking about something else. Just fixed this silly mistake, didn't even notice it. My bad! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. BrokenBulb78

    Need ingame help

    I never said you can't use the port city, your mom just stops traveling you once you can get there yourself.
  3. BrokenBulb78

    Need ingame help

    I think you misunderstood. I was talking about the badges in the current region, not the starting region.
  4. BrokenBulb78

    plz check donate ticket.

  5. BrokenBulb78

    A little help please

    Yes, the only way to reduce EVs is to use the following berries. Pomeg Berry - Reduces HP by 10 EVs. Kelpsy Berry - Reduces Attack by 10 EVs. Qualot Berry - Reduces Defense by 10 EVs. Hondew Berry - Reduces Special Attack by 10 EVs. Grepa Berry - Reduces Special Defense by 10 EVs. Tamato Berry - Reduces Speed by 10 EVs.
  6. BrokenBulb78

    Need ingame help

    Here to serve! c:
  7. BrokenBulb78

    Need ingame help

    Talk to your mom, she will bring you back to your first region if you haven't reached the other port city yet.
  8. BrokenBulb78

    Legendary Pokémon Guide

    The thread is now in Completed Guides section! Thanks to anyone who helped me improve the thread!
  9. BrokenBulb78

    Question from a Newbie

    You're welcome! Feel free to ask for help any time you want. c:
  10. BrokenBulb78

    Question from a Newbie

    Spawn locations aren't exactly the same, some are different. You can also catch the starters of each region. I'm not entirely sure about the rates.
  11. BrokenBulb78

    The Chinese have mastered the art of wallhacks

    Don't accuse them, it might be a silly mistake in the code.
  12. BrokenBulb78

    Comp Salamence Lottery

    And cough cough @Bearminator will pick the winner soon! :3
  13. BrokenBulb78

    Comp Salamence Lottery

    SacroZard takes 1! The tickets have been all sold now.
  14. BrokenBulb78

    Comp Salamence Lottery

    Voze takes 4!

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