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  1. ¡Hola! Incluya una traducción al inglés cuando publique en otro idioma, es parte de las reglas. Puedes crear una apelación de prohibición aquí usando tu cuenta del juego: https://support.pokemmo.eu Las cuentas del foro están separadas de las del juego, por eso tuvo que crear una nueva. ^^ - Hello! Please include an English translation when posting in another language, it's part of the rules. You can create a ban appeal here using your in-game account: https://support.pokemmo.eu Forum accounts are separate from in-game ones so that's why you had to create a new one. ^^
  2. Hello! Your progress is saved in PokeMMO's servers so reinstalling will not affect anything, the game autosaves as well. ^^
  3. Please appeal the ban here using your game account: https://support.pokemmo.eu
  4. Details Automated Tournament | Single Battle | 64 Players | 6v6 UU Date Saturday, 24th July 2021 Time 2PM UTC | 10AM ET | 4PM CEST | 10PM CST | Time Zone Converter Registration Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You can register by clicking on the PvP menu option (Masterball icon) and then select "Tournament Signup". You may only enter on one account. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Tournament Clauses Explained UU Ban List 1st Place Prize GIFT Yanmega Lv.50 Your choice of gender, nature, 4 moves, with 6 selectable IVs. & 1000 Reward Points  2nd Place Prize 500 Reward Points 3rd-4th Place Prize 250 Reward Points
  5. Hello, please remain patient and wait for a response on your support ticket. Thank you!
  6. Hello, please contact us here with your in-game account and we'll try to help you: https://support.pokemmo.eu
  7. What a lovely surprise, well done you all! 😄
  8. Date Sunday, 25th July 2021 Time 8PM UTC | 4PM ET | 1PM PT | 10PM CEST | Time Zone Converter Location Safari Zone, Kanto, Channel 1 Duration 1 hour for catching another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus + Shiny Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries Chansey +15 Exeggcute +5 Nidoran ♂ Nature Bonus Bold +5 Calm +3 Shiny Bonus +15 Points Rules To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win 4th place you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest You can only submit one entry All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...) Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry You must be the OT of the Pokémon You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time Participating Staff BrokenBulb Cosmooth MPDH 1st Place Prize GIFT Chansey Lv. 1 Your choice of nature, 4 moves, with 6 selectable IVs. & 1,000 Reward Points  2nd Place Prize 500 Reward Points 3rd-4th Place Prize 250 Reward Points
  9. Hello! You can travel to all regions with one character from the port city of your region once you obtain your 4th gym badge. Here's a guide with more information: https://pastelink.net/howtotravel If you'd like to create a new character you can do so at the login screen. You probably logged into the wrong character/account after creating a new one in Fire Red. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. ^^
  10. I am holding the prize for this raffle, good luck everyone! ❤️
  11. Hello, this is a known issue with the default Mi file manager. Try installing a custom one and see if it helps. If you are unable to install a custom file manager then unfortunately there isn't any other solution at the moment. We will investigate this problem and if we find a way to work around this issue the solution will be available on a future update, but it's not guaranteed we will be able to. Hopefully you have the possibility to play in another device. Have a nice day!
  12. Hello, you can suggest cosmetics here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/14462-vanity-thread/
  13. Hello, after importing the rom hold volume up and volume down buttons until you receive a message, then press "Yes" to submit an error report and send us the error report number here: https://support.pokemmo.eu Login with your game account. ^^
  14. Hello! To install mods go to login screen and select "Mod Management". Then press "Open Mods Folder" and put any mod you want there. Mods must be in .mod or .zip format. After restarting the client open Mod Management again and make sure they're enabled. Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions! ^^
  15. Hello! This issue should be fixed, please check if you're now able to connect. ^^
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