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  1. Kinda expected, still waiting for Undella's Bay diving option lol
  2. You can farm shards, design your secret base and some other cool things, pretty fun to do ^^
  3. Hotkeys are a sort of shortcut for things you can do out of a battle, atleast actually. That could be a good idea tho but since you can add any item you got on your bag, I don't know if they will do it, since you can add TM now, maybe they will give a try to this suggestion, I hope so :D
  4. Hey, you can go there https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/ Give the informations you have and the video aswell, a staff member will take it in charge
  5. So no one is able to give a serious answer... You guys are.. SOONTM
  6. Tradeable mean players could make money on it, I think it's not the best way to remember who Roxxass was
  7. Well, we're looking for a way where no one could receive money on this, like, just giving the item to whoever want, as an untradable item ofc
  8. This is kind of a problem yeah, I personnaly don't know who was bulldog, I came to pay respect because some of SIA members told me "Someone died, we're regrouping at vermilion city" I agree every player who die should have a vanity or no one, this is just an idea over all the ideas we have
  9. Well, we're actually trying to find a way to make it untradable. You should be able to buy it with RP but for each time this vanity is bought, we find anyway to give money to Andrea's family to support them ? Idk, I mean, even if we don't, I think atleast untreadable is a must have as you said.
  10. That's another great move for her. As @DemonicDax suggested earlier, the entire friend list of Roxxass should have it for "free", and it would be possible for other players to get him buy gift center with RP or i don't know how. That would be a fair thing to do, she deserves her name something on PokeMMO for what she does, I truely hope you'll make the good choice, but for the entire community, it would be a big thanks to her, to her work. Some of us already said goodbye to her, for the rest it's still kinda hard, hard to believe. I think this would be helpfull to still feel like she was with us, even if for now she's gone. It's up to you, but I think all the community will agree with that wonderfull idea. I also agree about a memorial tournament with a comp glaceon as winner reward. Would make sense to me.
  11. Hi sir frozen

    1. NonoPetitRobot


      Hi sir frozing on an ice punch

  12. Imagine Roxxass being in front of you, say anything you want/have to say at her in /n Then, by ringing the bell, just say goodbye to her, accepting she passed. Feels kinda hard, but you will feel better after that. I know how hard it is to let someone go. But you won't feel better by thinking she's still her. Let her go away, she'll always take a look at you, be proud of you and that will make her keep smiling, it's the important thing atm I think, we have to make sure she is smiling, wherever she is. Also, if someone need help to do this step of Celestial tower, you can pm me ing and I'll do it with you.
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