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  1. Thanks for the advice, I was doubting about that since it has two effects !
  2. You can find one at Opelucid in a house, but I'm not sure the item is working as it should
  3. Will be the 12 for the winner (me obviously lul)
  4. Guess it would be @xSparkie @Zymogen because they gave me a second chance. Would be rly sad not to be able to talk with them anymore In another way, @MathewMat because of what we're living everyday into lava thanks to him
  5. Maybe he wanted to delete another character, idk, quite strange I have to agree with you on this point xD
  6. I'm afraid that it's not his problem, he clearly said he has a Smeargle with Sacred Sword, but he can't give it to baby oshawott
  7. You're finally doing something usefull and that will not result in a mute, congrats ! Jk, thanks for this amazing work :D
  8. Well, as a good exemple @razimove they litteraly say that Sacred Sword WAS a signature move before X and Y show up ^^ Moreover, just checked the signature move explication : A signature ability is an ability that only one evolution family can learn for at least one game. As a good exemple : Volt Tackle So yeah, my bad on this fact, signature moves are not only for legs :p
  9. Nope, signature move is litteraly a move than can be learn by 1-2 mons (legs) like V-create for Victini, but Rayquaza can learn it. But it's mostly about legendaries moves
  10. You can find Pledge moves at Opelucid's gym, the only condition to sketch them is that she has to start the battle with Serperior AND Samurott. Otherwise, the starters won't have the pledges on their move pool. You can also use a ditto with transform to scan if they have the actual move on their set. Also, if someone want a move (Except Doom Desire because I don't have it :c) Make sure to pm me on forum and I'll give you a smeargle with the move you want to :D
  11. It's supposed to work, since your smeargle did sketch on a wild smeargle, he's supposed to learn the move. Make sure to report what happened to you here : https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/ Try to give some pics to help them with this issue. Have a nice day !
  12. Kinda expected, still waiting for Undella's Bay diving option lol
  13. You can farm shards, design your secret base and some other cool things, pretty fun to do ^^
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