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  1. 54 minutes ago, Darkshade said:

    Yes, that's correct - those are the eyebrows; the eyebrows we have available are slightly different to these ones however.

    This is mostly due to interaction between different eye sets - the reason we don't make this option a default


    It's a free option that we offer upon character creation, it can be found under the 'Facial Hair' set of options.

    I like to keep on top of vanity suggestions if I can help it.


    Ah ha. I see now. I understand.

    If thats the case, my original selection is now incorrect, as you said.

    However, my original suggestion still stands; would it be possible for you, as the artist, to create different eye styles for players to buy in the store? (In the correct style you deem) Its just more money in the game dev's pockets, the more items you make, the more more money you guys get. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Malorne said:

    You can barely see your characters eyes, and u want eyelashes?

    Yes. I do want the eyelashes/brows filled in, they are already on the sprite. Just because you dont care about the way something looks (Or your atrocious spelling for that matter.) doesn't mean others don't as well.

    13 minutes ago, Eggplant said:

    If you're gonna fix it on paint, at least do it at the proper resolution and don't draw in subpixels.

    One entire pixel can only be one color!


    And finally, players and npcs have the same eyes (and eyelashes?).

    The main difference is that the PC girl's bangs touch the top of her eyes so there's less forehead visible.

    I am not "fixing" it on paint, merely using it as an example to show to people what it could look like, if I were to actually do it, I'd do it in a sprite editing program, or just leave it up to the devs. So Im not sure what "proper" resolution you're requesting. I am not an expert or anything. I was doing my best to point out what I felt was wrong. 



    4 minutes ago, Darkshade said:

    Hi there, the character artist here.


    What you're looking at on that particular NPC are not eyelashes - it is where the hair (fringe or bangs) meets the top of the eye.

    You can determine this by looking at many of the other NPCs; the closest of which you will get to are 'eyebrows' which a few of them use.

    As such 'eyebrows' is also something we offer on our characters, but we do not have 'eyelashes' for this reason.


    To address your final point (and I apologize if I come off as rude - it is not the intention), I disagree that this makes the characters look better.


    Thank you for the suggestion though, I can understand where the confusion comes in - especially when dealing with sprites at this size.

    Hi, Artist. 

    I don't particularly agree, or see what you're speaking about. As I have inspected other NPCs that appear to have what I outlined. Case and point:


    You can see that he has the standard black ones, and I have white/grey ones. Or perhaps I am misunderstanding...are those his eyebrows that you were speaking about?

    at any note, you mentioned that you offer eyebrows? Where is this? I must have missed it? Is it a glamour/cash shop item? If so then I will just shut up now and go check that out. 

    You are not being rude, or annoying. Im honestly shocked that someone from the staff took notice this quickly and provided an official response. 



  3. Heres a little suggestion I want to propose for spite artwork. I know this is minor and silly to complain about, but it really pesters me;

    I was noticing my person's face looked a little off and found out why...Why all the eyelashes of the player character's white? It looks strange, and all the NPCs have normal black ones.

    I took a image and drew on them in MSpaint, fixing it how it should be. I donno if the community or devs would be interested, and clearly it'd be quite a bit of work to correct it, but It'd be appreciated.

    PCs look much better. Can this be a thing please? If the work load would not permit it, but if approved and I was provided with the sprites, I'll edit them myself. Take a look at the difference:



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