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  1. last Soontm post from kyu about a region was 8 months before unva, so all i want for christmas is sinnoh :P
  2. porcmare

    Group Chats!

    I know we have teams and stuff like that, but you can't be member of more teams at the same time so making group chats which people from other teams can join too would be nice, since it's easier that going back and forth to discord just to talk to your in game friends at the same time.
  3. there are no ha mons atm. wait till the dungeons update bro
  4. haven't thought of it as "new craftable items" but as "existing vanities can be now crafttable". that sounds nice
  5. i mean like the text box about how they feel and stuff like that like dibz said
  6. yeah. but like in real life, this kind of inflation never leads to anything good. just take a look at what happened with the japanese currency back when they were using gold coins. it's value dropped drastically and that is not good for an mmorpg either, since more money given to us would automatically raise all prices too
  7. even tho it's not that important to many people, the ability to interact with your follow pokemon like in hg/ss would be really nice since it will make the game seem friendlier to newer players and people who just like to relax while playing the game. i don't think it would be that hard to implement either, since it would only check if you are having a following pokemon, if you are looking at the mon(since it always follows you) and it would turn the pokemon towards you if you do interact with it.
  8. i'd like to see this happen, but i don't see this feature ever coming with the whole reference number thing and the mon list. just a link button like we had with the sell on gtl for pc mons would be fine
  9. this is based on the real pokemon games if u wanna suggest that to someone, tell nintendo bout it
  10. press caps lock again and no, this is a bad suggestion. the way i see it, the economy would crash if you instantly gave everyone a lot of money from just npc s
  11. i don't really see the point of it tho XD you can't even stay in the matchmaking room outside the battle itself anyway
  12. no more 'lf link' s everywhere in the global chat during events? oooh yea
  13. you can set up your own channels yourself to be arranged in any way you like in the channel settings so u could create a channel for each thing
  14. would be cool if you'd see them in random places in different regions, kinda like phenomenons work so that everyone would track them down to fight them
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