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  1. bump it since today's update shows the pokemon's personality thing in it's description(like "alert to sounds" and "able to take hits")
  2. maybe enable this only for shiny pokes so it'll give shinies more value instead of making egg move mons ultra easy to get (eg u use a non shiny head smash aron and give it to a tutor so he will teach your shiny aron head smash so it's not just dollars and gg)
  3. boe no i live by selling rare egg move mons (head smash arons, sacred sword oshawotts, etc) so i prefer this not to be made
  4. makeover kit is a thing. it grants you the power to change your base character so you can get your shirt. making these sellable would just make the makeover kit useless unless it was 1m for a t-shirt(which will probably never be the case)
  5. i don't think that's what they suggested. like you still use 7 items, it's just u have a pop up telling you to refill the consumable item slot in case u use it and put a new one from your bag in since we can't just have infinite flying gem mons can we
  6. no. as sinnoh has wild chansey in grass (which u can fight and use thief on) this change is needed to be made
  7. thanks for the dex entries too, @xKicco
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