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  1. idk i think it's better to wait and see and if an update is announced i don't think "nobody will care". Everyone will. Like think about dungeons update or pts popping off at the time no one would expect it. Most players would be excited about it look at how much you care after 3 years+ since they were revealed
  2. a particle like hitodama but hearts instead of blue flames if u making a event on valentines' day (i don't have access to the particle program so i can't make a preview of it :P)
  3. any update is welcome from me xd i just wanna see new stuff doesnt matter what
  4. shiny 6x0 quirky gang rise up
  5. a smeargle event where they can have a totally random move would be really cool(even those you can't find like dark void or spacial rend)
  6. Type: Hat Name: Head Full of Steam For all the indie rock and coffee lovers like me :)
  7. Types: Hat and Back Names: Antimatter guardian Helmet / Antimatter guardian wings
  8. ok so at the time of finishing the first dungeon, will you release it right away, make it into a PTS or just working on enough dungeons so you can release all the legendaries/the legendaries for a region?
  9. Since valentine's day is coming, a cupid costume would be fitting: Type: Top Name: Cupid costume
  10. Type: Hat Name: The Mythbuster *Jumpeon noises* (jumps into another dimension)
  11. since this is a particle thread too, what program are the particles made into @Darkshade? i'd want to give that a shot too
  12. I had this idea for a while: Type: Bicycle Name: Rapidash Saddle (Can use it when you have a rapidash on your team)
  13. How bout Regi Trio costumes? Type: Top Names: The Rock / Ice / Steel Titan I think the chubby look of the player's design fits this trio perfectly, so i decided to make costumes for em
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