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  1. Just came back to PokeMMO.. A little about myself: I'm 28 years old. I'm studying computer science. Avid reader, world of warcraft player, etc. Looking for an english speaking guild/team... Especially if you have your own discord server.
  2. I'm 28 years old.... Just now coming back to POKEMMO... Would love to find an english speaking guild/team... Especially one if they have their own discord server, to chat with fellow guild mates.
  3. Would still love some help incase i do something wrong.... also there are multiple roms of the same kind, and not sure which to use etc Voice chat would be great, and quick/easy. ^with subtle differences.
  4. Hey everyone, i've been craving pokemon play lately, so i decided i'd play this PokeMMO. I've heard great things. A little about myself, is that i'm 28, studying computer science. Avid reader. Christian. I also play world of warcraft everyday. (2.3k XP in 3v3 as warlock) Was really hoping someone could help me setup PokeMMO over skype, discord, or some voice chat program. Would desperately appreciate it! THanks guys <3
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