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  1. with seasonal tournaments coming soon, good luck grinding in leaderboard and find matches in tiers like UU/NU since everyone is spamming Random Battles
  2. Welcome to the LC PL Betting Thread Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE TAKING OR MAKING BETS Tied matches are void (does not include matches with tie-breakers) - Unplayed matches are void* - All activity win bets are void* - Matches that have been changed due to subbed players are void -Bets over 500k may be mailed to a trusted middleman if any one of the two players feel its necessary - Bets must be posted before the matches are played - No betting against yourself (you can bet for yourself to win) - Bets with a player who has been banned are void unless/until that player is unbanned* - No new bets until old betting debts are cleared - Players that do not comply with these rules will be added to a BLACK LIST - Once you take a bet you may NOT retract that bet for whatever reason - The only way you can have a bet retracted is if BOTH players agree on retracting the bet - When making bets that go throughout the whole tournament, please be cautious and make sure you have what you bet by the end of the tournament - We are not keeping up with everyone's bets so its your job to keep track of your bets and who wins what *This rule does not apply when betting on teams Disclaimer: Take each bet with risk! Although unlikely, it is possible you can get scammed and we won't be held responsible to pay unpaid debts. Though players that do not comply will be added to BLACK LIST and all players will be warned when betting with those players. Players can bet with players on the blacklist however the blacklist is only there to warn them. How to Bet: When you are betting, provide the following info: 1. Your IGN 2. What match(es) and which player(s) you are betting on 3. What are you wagering Trusted Middlemans: Blacklist:
  3. IGN: PoseidonWrath Accolades: [LC] Champ's Little Miners 1st place [LC] Emoji Ghost 1st place [LC] Brock's Little Cup 2nd place [LC] The Scientist's Favorite 2nd place Fluff: i know alot about LC so i would help my team with teambuilds, practices etc. Fluff2: Would love to try managing a team
  4. Africa [0] vs [0] Rest of Latam OU1: Jaawax vs Juanchoqui OU2: Lunarck vs Waaynee UU1: PoseidonWrath vs Urquidi UU2: Havsha vs InuyashaL NU1: Kanicula vs Cristi NU2: Tawla vs Haazuu DB: Azphiel vs Santiii LC: TheDH vs YEYOxD 500k each 1m Africa wins this week void if tie Peru [1] vs [2] Venezuela Arepera UU2: Huargensy vs WalloPro 100k
  5. Why do staff always involve in unnofficial tournaments and make drama?? it just shows how staff has issues with certain players
  6. Why is Pory2 a problem? Pory2 is the core of UU which safe switches in alot of stuff Yanmega for example will be a big threat to UU if pory2 is out. Why? well gigalith doesnt have any recovery move so if u keep chipping damage to it, gigalith would be useless (imagine dugtrio + yanmega combo 😞 ) Snorlax and dusclops have to rest, and hope for sleeptalk to attack (bdslam or seistoss) again not reliable bcs u mostly can get fukt by RNG. Crobat? well with strock + a balsy psyic predict will just make u cry Empoleon doesnt have any recovery as well and chippin it 1 time makes it a 2 shot the next time it switches in Mismagius nplot example same story as above, gigalith doesnt have reliable recovery, gets chipped alot and in the end Mismagius just freely sweeps. same story with snorlax as above, has to rest at some point and has to rely to sleeptalk it attacks, meanwhile the mismagius just spams Nplot. dugtrio + mismagius combo part2 ?? 😞 Rhyperior another example, pory2 safely switches in (mostly download) tanks a eq and can either icebeam, recover or toxic on a switch in . Even when he sub or swdance, icebeam will still pressure rhyperior hard. Vaporeon lacks some hp or def bcs of certain evs spread which need to outspeed bdrum azu which makes eq a chance to 2 shot Gligar is gonna tickle rhyperir and makes him easily set up Bronzong would get forced to switch out because of the smackdown variant. Personally i dont think pory2 is problematic and if there are people who disagree with me, instead of complaining give us viable calcs, examples, etc
  7. because 99% of the people who play dugtrio use it as a trapper to trap mons, which is also the reason ppl cry about its abillity??? and no we dont count your mini garchomp sandveil dugtrio
  8. Another 3m Africa wins this week Void if tie ofc chien dinmok zebi With middleman
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