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  1. me vs snuchty in 5 gg lost match didnt matter anway yolo
  2. IGN: PoseidonWrath Title: What`s the problem Bruh?
  3. bump also Doubles - iJulianFNT VS FishCakes 250k
  4. OU Cmawesomee VS Lunarck 100k UU Eastsiideboy VS Tawla 100k NU Evenils VS Optimusprime 50k LC Poufilou VS TheDH 100k DUBS Schuchty VS PoseidonWrath 500k SMOU Rikoudo VS Havsha 250k Also 500k on africa winning void if tie
  5. thats not the point , he says wait after i said the time which he made me wait longer and he just completly ignored me after that and he told me friday if i wanted to fight while we clearly decided on saterday there was a league of legends tourney going on and i could have skipped that and play the Wc match, but he didnt answert my Dms or ig whispers
  6. Next time show the whole whisper saying wait and then goes afk lmao r
  7. bruh are u on drugs I waited for u 3 hours long today even pmt ur whole team and even spammed ur discord when ur were online, now u come out of nowhere saying we play in 10minutes ,even schedueling with u was a pain in the ass i will show host screens proofing it , im busy tonight and can play tommorow this time tho
  8. Mexico - Africa UU - KokenoCastro VS PoseidonWrath 500k on myself
  9. add CristhianArche to blacklist pls doesnt pay me and some other ppl right after Tawla`s game goes offline instanly
  10. didnt saw ur post, got already alot bets sry
  11. Mexico - Africa OU - Camineko VS Lunarck 100k UU - Koneko VS PoseidonWrath 300k NU - Mexidany VS Tawla 250k LC - Baneadito Vs Samehada 100k 500k africa wins this week void if tie
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