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  1. May our brother Samehada rest in peace.. stay strong tawla
  2. in Aboma porygon2 reneuc haryi toge chandelure
  3. I join u on betting blacklist i mean xd
  4. @TiToooo i hope u have enough place in the blacklist lobby
  5. i said it 5-6 hours before the match, not my problem u were afk ,sleeping or watching roblox videos IGN PoseidonWrath `ty for ez 200k btw` ^^
  6. so apparantly @typetheory isnt gonna pay my 200k (i won stelan and enchanteur) i voided krillin vs mexidany before the match and he keeps saying that mexi won and i owes him money pls black list him
  7. i void krillin vs mexidany cuz that match doesnt matter anymore
  8. nice service and friendly guy would recommend
  9. Team Name:läva Team Tag:läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, TheDH, badbaarsito, BrianAttackPro, Hasvha, Poseidonwrath, Kamowanthere, ManyTears, Hannahtaylor, NoNouGatine, xLarzi, Taystee, Superman, Kriliin, Grdzick Team Captain: HannahTaylor
  10. Belgium 0 - 0 Mexico UU - Mkns VS KokenoZebi 100k NU - Kriliin VS Mexidani 300k LC - Stelian VS Baneadito 100k SMOU - LLLLiolae With 4 L's VS CamiNeko 150k 500k Red Devils wins this week Columbia A 0 -0 Argentina A UU - Yaritan VS Souu 100k LC - Enchanteur VS GasaiYunoSan 100k Doubles - IJulianFNT Vs Titoooo 250k SMOU - Zeldris VS LKrenz 250k Special Match NU - MonkeyDMathew VS Forfiter 1k void if dc
  11. hariyama reneuc aboma porygon2 chandelure togekss
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