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  1. In order to get magnezone u have to level ur magneton up in certain areas: Kanto- Powerplant, Hoen- New Mauville and Unova- Chargestone cave And in order to get leafeon u have to level it up near a mossy rock i think there is one in pinwheel forest in Unova same goes for glaceon ice rock in Twist mountain in unova
  2. Some post-E4 NPC rematches in Unova's Victory Road contain Samurotts that know the move. If you sketch one of these with a Smeargle, you can pass the move to your own bred Oshawott. `Rache
  3. https://imgur.com/a/syE194Q gg Agis close battle
  4. Your nick: PoseidonWrath ◄Which pokemon or character do you want: Scizor and Porygon-2 ◄Style/Others: make it cool ◄Team Tag: läva ◄Animation: yes ◄Donation I pay good money
  5. Happens to me also, i just close MMO and open it again. then its fixed. try if it works for u guys
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