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  1. LC: Yeyoxd - PoseidonWrath 1m on myself. also 1.5m on tailows winning ez this week
  2. IGN: PoseidonWrath Reason: to win Preferred Tiers: Doubles, LC, UU Competitive accolades: won some officials, doing aight in ladder (UU and Dubz), Discord contact (optional): Wrath#8318 Other random stuff: Jaawax got robbed
  3. quinn is right if we wait untill every match is done we can also wait if staff adds dungeons (which is in 2090) i saw lc matches with durations over 45 minutes, so u want to wait for that long?
  4. IGN: PoseidonWrath Title: Getting trained by the greatest (DragonBall Z)
  5. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Brianattackpro, Kamowanthere, getovaherez, xMikasaAckerman, Kriliin, Tawla, MamaWally, trelos, ExCesar, PoseidonWrath, TheDH, QuinnW, badbaarsito, Superman, Havsha Team Captain: PoseidonWrath
  6. bred me a genderless mon really fast this guy is not human
  7. My ingame name is: @Kamowanthere My favourite pokemon is: Turkeymon
  8. school and work start soon, will be impossible for alot of players to get those hats
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