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  1. Chad Chinglings (0) vs (0) Ricardo Milotics LC: KenDude vs TitoCas in a couple minutes
  2. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, PoseidonWrath, Baneadito, TheDH, Leviatharian, Endiii, Taystee, Mobuto, xMikasaAckerman, MafiosoX, Kriliin, Wally, Jaafri, Retremos, Excesar, Wallslife, Isadora, Michelxxx, KevinDaPoketrain Captain: Kriliin
  3. As for LC decision: We decided to unban Mienfoo in LC Diglet and Trapinch are unbanned as well but Arena Trap is banned Misdreavus, Scraggy, Yanma, Gligar, Tangela, Meditite, Sneasel, Scyther, Murkrow are banned ofc but might change in the future
  4. Forgot to update this 1st Place Prize GasaiYunoSan  2nd Place Prize PoseidonWrath 3rd-4th Place Prize Urquidi, QuinnW gg all
  5. 25 minutes to start. pm me IG: PoseidonWrath if u want to enter 1st Place Prize 4M  2nd Place Prize 1M 3rd-4th Place Prize A perfect LC comp
  6. 1st Place Prize urquidi  2nd Place Prize PoseidonWrath 3rd-4th Place Prize OrangeManiac and Poufilou GG to all who came, together we are gonna host more tournaments and make the staff regret removing the best tier
  7. This starts in 15/20 minutes zebis sign up here, einstein dc or PM me in game: PoseidonWrath
  8. People out here hating on LC but u see them tryharding to join the 100m einstein LC tourney
  9. I think this NU tourney is worth all those LC tourneys combined with its 10kRP prize So darkshade u know what to know, it failed to fill so remove it. So, who is next? Doubles?
  10. imagine comparing 16 lc tourneys with shit ivs and shit times, with a actually DECENT prize (Shiny larvesta) and a good time I remember tourneys with prizes like: Shiny abra, houndoor etc were instantly full Why would ppl waste their time and energy to put work on 16 tourneys prizes that is giving them a disadvantage with rolls etc? Big XD moment
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