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  1. 防御-关东冠军路 5*嘎啦嘎啦/穿山王
  2. Porygon → Special : P2 Laboratory
  3. ROUTE 6(Rustling Grass) ROUTE 6(Flying Shadow)
  4. ROUTE 8 Pinwheel Forest ROUTE 12(shadow)
  5. ROUTE 3 https://imgur.com/r76w6GK Driftveil Drawbridge https://imgur.com/g9emiWq Lostlorn Forest https://imgur.com/HYjMxF7
  6. I've found some Harlequin tutors as below. Stealth Rock → the left house beside the PC in Nacrene City Iron Head / Defog → the right house beside the airport in Mistralton City Can somebody help me to update the others such as Sucker Punch / Roost / Tailwind / Drain Punch / Earth Power / Dragon Pulse ?
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