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  1. blackeyes3601

    [GUI] Minimalistic Dark GUI

    I would recommend that for the next time you put screenshots of how the GUI looks, but hey, I'll download it and see how it is, thanks for the contribution
  2. blackeyes3601

    [GUI] Crimson Flare

    [ES] Es necesario que agregues una traducción al ingles de lo que comentes en algún tópico Daniel, así podrás evitarte problemas. [EN] It is necessary that you add an English translation of what you mention in a Daniel topic, so you can avoid problems.
  3. blackeyes3601

    Forum Formatting

    I am not sure if there will be a guide, but it is very easy to manage that it is a tool very similar to the one used by the Office Word system, the change of text font and color, however, the images necessary to put them in a lodging of images, remove the link from that image and in the text field where it says "insert other media" place that link and with that the image will come out, hope you have understood me and that it was your help.
  4. blackeyes3601

    [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

    Name: Elnarry Team (optional): TwoQ Background (optional): you decide Render (Pokemon/Character): Pink Heracross Scenery or Abstract (optional): Scenary Additional information (optional): no information Thanks
  5. blackeyes3601


    Thanks for wait :3
  6. blackeyes3601

    Goodybe MMO

    Have a good life mate, we love you @Terresa u´re a good person, Goodbye.
  7. blackeyes3601


    There are problems with the game network, they are already investigating the reasons
  8. A pesar de que ya no den aquella ganancia tu puedes dar un valor aproximado de cuanto sacas comúnmente con esta guía, también hay otras guías de teselia si no te parece suficiente la ganancia "No todo se puede servir en bandeja de plata"
  9. HYDREIGON STATS AND EFFECTIVENESS I think that this dragon is one of the best special attack sweeper of that generation. -elnarry
  10. hello, today with the update that came with the verification in two steps I have several times trying to receive the authorization mail with the respective code, and try to search in spam and everything and has not arrived, I need help please. Thank you for your attention.

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