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  1. yourmajezty


    also if we aren't really using the elite4 for a 3 days or a week can the elite 4 get a complete level reset back to 50/60lvls
  2. donate and get the android app, no lag there
  3. the bar where I have 6 pokemon, yeah can we get a lock for that? I keep using the android app and my pokemon want to keep moving around in the side bar its taking me 2 minutes to sweet scent, fly, and strength. and my pokemon will feel safe and secure.
  4. Over the next year we will see the Android app grow strong. New features cleaner all this Chya
  5. At the end of a dungeon you can fight a mega but THATS IT!.
  6. Will the updates for the Android alert is like the desktop version?
  7. Very much hyped for this, I've had to remove it on my laptop for space and such things. And hyped to have being able to download it to my phone and continue playing Hyped hype hyped
  8. yourmajezty


    maybe a quick implementation of an easy 40k debt system for a single account to climb out of is better
  9. yourmajezty


    Alts never came into mind......hmm.... Single debt account I guess. "oh my other account is already paying debt." I am just imagining a singe account with -342,323$ that needs to be paid before I am able to use my positive dollars the marts wont sell says I have bad credit
  10. yourmajezty


    Can we have a Debt service? I see something I like on the GTL like a Lucky Egg (600K) but my account only has 200k I purchase it and there I go I have a new lucky egg for 600k and now my account is negative 400k. *A negative 1 million pokeyen limit*
  11. or a time based item with hints like desu's horde televisions a vs seeker for phenoms
  12. ha ha sike I'm still playing
  13. yourmajezty


    Leaving the game for good. Keeping all of my pokemon on my account >.< Goodbye
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