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  1. PokeFer988

    Duel Link funny

    I would like to add the battle of 3 users against 3 users in battle and that each user can choose 2 pokémon to use in their battle of 3 users against 3 users with link mode
  2. PokeFer988

    battle link users

    It would be nice if the battles were added to the game by 2 users against 2 users in link mode ... this makes team battles more fun
  3. PokeFer988


    How do I do that shitpost?
  4. PokeFer988


    I ask everyone who reads the forum ... would like to implement the link duel between users or battle 2 against 2 without having to battle in the tower with the npc and that you can do this between users
  5. PokeFer988


    hi I would like to speak with an admin and give him an idea that I have to improve the game and be more fun
  6. I would like to be able to apply the battles of 2 vs 2 users in link mode without being in the battle towers .... hopefully they can do that to make the game more fun

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