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  1. What mode are we gonna get next? I'd like to see a baseball mode somehow...just make it happen
  2. Anyone play with Drake when he went online? :P Caused the internet to explode I think.
  3. Yeah, fair points. I wonder if all the Netflix/Hulu hype is deserved. I really don't like to watch so many movies or TV shows, as I think I spend enough time looking at gadgets as it is :/ But at the same time, it's nice to be in the loop with regards to what's hip :P After analyzing this comparison piece, it really feels like Netflix is leagues ahead of Amazon Prime, Hulu and anything else that dares to come close. I'm always surprised to hear that some movies go to straight to Netflix and totally skip the cinema. Seems hard to believe.
  4. DBZ can be a bit like Marvel...sometimes people come back to life so easily, don't they?
  5. Really hoping LeBron goes somewhere new in the offseason....really makes the league more exciting!
  6. Which is your most-hated mode? I hated the ice hockey option... just made it much harder than it should be!
  7. ha, good to hear thanks. It didn't make much sense when reading :/ Can anyone actually beat stage 1 Krillin? That's what I want to know :D
  8. taintedempire


    So all this stuff about Rey being a 'grey' Jedi was a load of nonsense.
  9. https://www.cbr.com/every-super-saiyan-level-ranked/ Even after reading this... I'm still confused :( How high has Goku been on the Super Saiyan rung? I don't get where he is now.
  10. Yeah, even though the Rockets look amazing right now, I still think Warriors would win in a 7 game series.
  11. Oh I didn't know they were bringing out something new! Will check now
  12. Check the song 'Get Out' by CHVRCHES. One of the best pop electro bands working today.
  13. Wish Kawhi would come back! Who is gonna win the championship?
  14. When I got home last night, I suddenly realized that I don't actually watch any DVDs, TV shows, or even Netflix, but get all my news and entertainment from YouTube. Does anyone else do this? I watch a lot of game reviews and sports highlights, so I'm happy enough with YouTube, but wondering if I'm missing out :P
  15. So, bring me up to speed. Is Goku currently at a new SS level? I've been so out of touch this season.
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