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  1. New players looking for info.

    Yeah sorry I'm an idiot and I was checking the move list on nidorano lol!
  2. New players looking for info.

    Has the ability Thrash been taking out of the game? I cant find it on Nidokings move list?
  3. New players looking for info.

    Is there a way to trade items and money to a new char?
  4. New players looking for info.

    Ah thank you. I didn't think there was tbh. I will try keep you updated!
  5. New players looking for info.

    Also, quick question to anyone really. I have noticed that there are mods for the game. I have downloaded a theme and sound pack but i was wondering if there was a mod that rates pokemon based on IV? So its faster to see if its good or bad?
  6. New players looking for info.

    Awesome! thank you! Will follow it for sure then!
  7. New players looking for info.

    Is this walkthrough up to date with everything that has been changed in pokeMMO recently? I ask because one i was following previously was directing me to TMs and items that were no longer there.
  8. New players looking for info.

    That makes sense! I can imagine them being pretty annoying to go against tbh haha. I do intend to jump into the competitive side with my friends eventually, just something extra that the original games didnt really have and that is when i will actually worry about min/maxing lol.
  9. New players looking for info.

    Ahh right i see! That makes sense. I am interested in fully completing the Kanto storyline for sure and then i will probably dive into the other regions as i have no experience with them but i enjoy the games. So i will work on progressing the story first and then worry about making money. Downside to this is i really wanted a Kadabra but you cannot level Abra up and learn new moves, everything comes from a TM and i i cannot afford them then i cant really use Kadabra properly but thats not a big deal.
  10. New players looking for info.

    I understand tanks. But sweepers? Walls? lol. Using my tiny brain, i take it sweepers are the highest damage pokemon just to blitz battles? Like a starmie/gastly/gengar?
  11. New players looking for info.

    Yeah that makes sense. I fully understand the IV system and i am getting to grips with HV. I just got to get used to making money in the game so i can use the abilities i want to use on my pokemon. What is the best way of doing that currently?
  12. New players looking for info.

    Oh I see! So what are some good money making tips? And can you get all TM/HM from GTL?
  13. New players looking for info.

    So vanilla poke red setups will still work but it will just be harder to achieve things? For example, thunderbolt is one of the strongest electric attacks but is no longer acquired after the victory against surge, but I assume you can acquire it further into the game? The only kanto walkthrough I found on this site mentions thunderbolt as a reward, so it's out of date and can't be followed properly. It also mentions TMs in the world that are not actually there.
  14. Hey guys, so me and 2 mates have decided to start playing, mainly for casual reasons In between our normal games. We have all played Pokemon during our childhood but don't remember to much about it at all. We have also noticed small things such as beating surge no longer rewards Thunderbolt. So obviously this mmo version can't be played through using standard poke red walkthroughs and tactics (oh yeah forgot to say we all play kanto) So basically we are looking for up to date tips/tricks and goals to reach in the game (as we have also noticed that a lot of info here is out of date) hence this post lol. What Pokemon are best to aim for and what moves should be taken for them ect.. (that kind of info) Please Halp lol

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