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  1. I hope for IST(UTC +5:30) or NPT(UTC +5:45) ;)
  3. Yes, they are, but in a Pink color (or red idk)
  4. Okay, i'll do it, SOON™
  5. This week i'm on fire lol Name: Chopper Cap Type: Hat
  6. Name: Pikachu Hoodie Type: Hat Note: I've tried so hard to make it look proportional to the normal hood, so, judge me xD
  7. This one is for elvis' fans Name: Pompadour Type: Hair
  8. Diamond Eyes or Glasses, idk. Based in Sableye's Eyes Version 1 ↑ Version 2 ↑
  9. Thanks for the support, pal. also, Witch Cloak being an outfit fits more than being just a back item. about the hat, when i was making the sprite, i thought that Mismagius Hat was too much larger and could exceed some limits, just like some Overworld Pokemon sprites that had to be re-sized to fit in the overworld, just like onix, wailord, etc.
  10. Name: Witch Hat and Witch Cloak Slots: Hat and Back, Respectively
  11. Name: Axe Type: Back https://imgur.com/WoH0A8p Front https://imgur.com/BTeNZ6D Backwards https://imgur.com/m1czMDw Preview in menu Special thanks to: XxxDragoonxxX - For being the model to the Overworld preview awkways - For fixing a detail in the axe, thanks to him, it looks more Asymetrical :D *Important Advice: this is just a art made in Aseprite by someone who don't have much talent to drawn, just letting this clear before u send me messages like "Dude, you selected the wrong colors" and "These measures are all wrong". Thanks for attention and have a nice day
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