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  1. I do not understand those who say that there are economic problems, it is all the same as always only that the concept of "being good in the game" is wrong xD. Farming gyms, full pvp and raising pokes x30 not below 2m and 50k in bp. Enough to do everything you want in the game, now if you care about cosmetics and that garbage is your subject xD. Pokémon is, was and always will be, whether they like it or not, if you are good at competing, you will have what you want without much effort.
  2. Exactly, what is truly broken is from the 6th generation, the legendary hoenn without its primogenic form are nothing from the other world, nor do we have megabytes, the only one that would become OU would be Landorus, but nothing out of the ordinary, It is equal to Gliscor. In itself, I do not understand why going against what 20 years ago shows that it works well.
  3. This discussion makes no sense xD. GameFreaks demonstrates generation after generation that everything they are discussing makes no sense. Obviously there are certain species that yes, are extremely powerful, another are not, and are not uber, are used in OFFICIAL tournaments, and the goal is perfect there, nothing happens, there is nothing out of balance and the competitive is beautiful and entertaining, Only here do you think that adding to birds, regis, and other minor and singular ones could "unbalance" a competitor with a pokedex as limited and boring as the one we have. And it is false that if they enable legendary everyone would have to take one or more to count them, the vast majority are very bad, it is full of pokémon of the tier OU that could crush several minor legendary ones, a simple haxorus with its ability and a boost can end with almost the entire goal but you say the game would be unbalanced. Did they forget that gengar, volcarona and chansey were uber here? The joke is told alone.
  4. I honestly do not see the need to invent more and more things, this game exists 20 years ago and its validity is because they know how to do things well, I would copy everything possible, but well here they decide to make the game they want, likewise I enjoy it but we will always be several steps below with this attitude.
  5. Ah, I'm tired of talking about this. The only difference between this game and the official is that here the other players here, nothing more, and that it is much but much easier, it is really silly as they talk about "balance" but they let you see the iv's and inherit them with items xD. And many other things that do not come to the saucepan, the important thing is that the legendary comp officially work and are used and are seen in tournaments, here they invent that they do not, then stick with your invention.
  6. Not for me. Both the fun mechanics of single player from hoenn and unova are not enabled. The vast majority of the particular IV pokémon are already in unova, rhyperior, magnezone, lucario, magmortar, only garchomp, which to be honest, without their hidden ability, stinks. Luxray, drapion and the vast majority of those that you can find new, are NU or untitered.
  7. Well as you have been told, being a simple probability, there is nothing left but to wait for luck or force it to happen by investing in resources such as carrot berries and sweet charm in the hordes you prefer. There are also those who raise and breed infinitely waiting for it to come out of an egg, it is also another possibility. I've been playing for almost 2000 hours and I haven't seen any yet. xD
  8. Cacha

    Surrender Button

    Very very tired and bored whis this.
  9. Please do something whit this : /
  10. Los precios de las bayas y semillas los bajaron los mancos que no se han dado cuenta que lo que nerfearon fueron los precios cuando uno las vende en los npc. No había necesidad de bajar los costos en la gtl. El amuleto ahora deja más dinero que antes haciendo gyms. El huevo suerte da igual, con subir a los pokes a lvl 50 en hordas es suficiente así que es un item para nada relevante.
  11. I play all of them at the moment was born on nes, super Nintendo, psx, ps2... marvellous days. My favourite is VI, and sorry but i think this games die's when squaresoft meet enix.
  12. I propose to extend the penalty for those who leave you hanging in pvp to 10 minutes without being able to enter the game. One tries farm Pb in pvp and 4 out of 10 fights where they try to stall and fail, they have 45 turns and 20 minutes to leave another 2:30 in the last turn disconnected. It is annoying, very annoying. Or you can not leave the battle until you lose, or that the disconnection for more than 30 seconds and close the season.
  13. Cacha

    Allow all pokémon

    I agree with your statements, the best way to know how the game will react to this is to look for an intelligent way to implement it, I am sorry if at any time I was rude or something like that, I read each of your opinions at the bottom of the canyon and I tried to understand what they were trying to communicate. I look forward to the moment the game goes through that moment, meanwhile, we have sinnoh! :)
  14. Cacha

    Allow all pokémon

    How do you discuss something healthily when all opinions are taken out of context and try to refute them one by one? xD. I respect that you have developed and dedicated so much time to this community and to its proper functioning, also its knowledge about the game and its different franchises, but still you are not touching key point when answering me, and you continue to rely on stipulations or assumptions based on possibilities that are really unreal, Salamence and Conkeldurr can easily burst any legendary at a stroke. This "exclusivity" was lost in the 4th gen, the number of legendary today is huge and not all are uber, many are really very bad Pokémon for the comp. With regard to money, well, you can deny it, I don't know what to tell you, I personally don't use money, I capture my breeds, I get my eternal stones and the brasales and items I buy them with pb that I earn in pvp, and the items with life orb ect if they are interchangeable in the gtl, with what you can make money if you want it without spending more money, moreover, to raise a 4x30 pokémon with natu it costs me around 30k that I spend on choosing the sex of the pokémon , and I can sell it at 350 and raise another 6 to continue building strategies and keep getting PB in pvp. And no, I don't play in front of battle, that was in the gameboy.
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