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  1. Name: KingDrizzy Team (optional): WinD Background (optional): Red and Black Render (Pokemon/Character): Dante from DMC to match the red and black. Donation: 35k, Sorry its not much. But i'm like always broke lol.
  2. I like this suggestion, It would make it easier on some people. I mean I personally made a new character on another account just because eventually I'd be moving accounts. But for most people, This would actually help a lot.
  3. This is epic! Rachelucario, You are a legend!
  4. I would like to see her work. Now i'm curious.
  5. I returned a month ago, Never really knew Bestfriends as a person until now. He is a very generous and helpful part of this community. At one point I actually needed help farming everstones. Bestfriends dropped everything he was doing to catch me a Gastly and taught me how to farm. The thing is he didn't have to do that. He wanted too! As for calling him a troll. A troll isn't someone who helps others. Look at his work and you will understand. New players come onto this game for the experience of Pokemon. They later find out that money is hard to come by. Giving away Meowths gives them a head start. #MuchRespect
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