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  1. Rude players do pop up in global chat from time to time. Besides ignoring and reporting their behavior as others mentioned, you can also find a Team to join if you are looking for a more close-knitted community (Check the forum's Club section for lists of team). You can get faster help from teammates including trade evo, story, pvp help, etc. Have a great adventure in PokeMMO :)
  2. I also wanna stress out the need of the rest option in Battle Frontier as Arielle suggested, like in the original game. There has been a few times the server reset (before Halloween, Xmas event etc.) and only notified us 15' in advance or so, not allowing me to finish the 7 battles before I can safely log out. After I logged back in, my streak was lost. I was not able to continue the streak like normally. Having the rest option would allow us to only have to finish the current battle before logging out and securely saving the progress.
  3. Hey bro, So the day has finally come. I enjoy the time we conversed before. I have also taken a break from the game to focus more on real life. Don't know when, but maybe someday we can play together again to reminisce this little, chilling part of life :) I wish you the best of lucks in your future endeavors. SinZ
  4. I have one more tentacruel and tangela also, I have reminded you 3 times :/
  5. Glad you found PokeMMO as a heal spot :) Keep fighting out there and don't overuse this :P Best of lucks :)
  6. Make monthly prizes for all tiers' ladders too. It's a shame we don't have any rewards atm except for BPs in individual matches.
  7. SinPoke


    People complain about Chinese all the time but I wouldn't be surprised if the huge influx of Chinese players brought forth funds and demands, urging and enabling devs to improve game's quality in time.
  8. Happy birthday MM! Thanks for creating and making Lava the best team ever, and gave me an experience I could never forget.
  9. It's less of a issue for the berries being listed in GTL (leppa, ev-reducing berries, etc.) The most profitable berries are the ones sold directly to NPC, as OP mentioned. Those berries don't contribute to the game dynamic in an MMO.
  10. Can you reword? Anyway tbh I don't really care much about the issue, it's artificial money in a game after all. It's more of the lack of end-game contents that bored me, e.g. looking for them to add pvp-exclusive prizes for laddering (which is a great aspect in other games), but that's a different topic altogether.
  11. I think OP's main concern is the game has become more like BerryMMO/Farmville. I do agree that berry profit margin and profit/time spent ratio is massive compared to all other money making methods. However, berry farming is also the only method that requires time commitment and discipline. You cannot just log into the game at anytime and start making money like the other methods. Not a lot of people with irl activities can do that, much less for farming berries with a large number of accounts. So take that into account also. Personally I wouldn't mind a slight nerf for berry profit. If the end-game goal of one is to get rich, currently the time you spend in the game not growing berries is inefficient time, and that just doesn't sound right to me in a Pokemon game. The nerf would also lengthen the time for new players to reach their end-game state (having enough money to breed most comps, buy shinies/vanities they want, etc.), which I think will be beneficial to the game maker.
  12. It would be better for people who buying RPs with real money. For others, prob will end up paying the same or slightly less pokedollar after the market re-balances itself. Most likely scenario: Rich(in-game) players buys RPs to horde to re-sell later, RP sellers starts increasing price, until the price gets close to the level before the sale. If it's a once-or-twice per year kind of sale, that might interest the Game Maker as it can fuel short-term demand, making people who haven't donated before getting used, and hopefully hooked to the process, while won't dampen much future's sale to an extent. Just some food for thought.
  13. Should be more fun for me to spectate. Good luck guys ;)
  14. Hmm, I will go ahead and assume reaper hood's end time would coincide with the event's :P
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