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  1. Lets take big long look what they did in gen 7. as majority of the Pokemon fans didn't like the different regional Pokemon forms. most of my friends point out. few of them on a common basis. common ones brought up. "coughs" Dugtrio-Alola or Persian-Alola. not saying regional pokemon is a bad concept. at least when you do it. don't make pokemon "coughs" worst... Raticate-Alola. me and my friends where discussing possibly gen 4 being remade on then Nintendo switch, and high chance of that happening after main game is released. this is pure predictions Gen 8 - is gonna have Shi
  2. be honest they do kinda need a buff both regirock registeel have alot of problems. just be fair of course their names won't change, they be same pokemon maybe with better abilities. less weaknesses . i like see these pokemone get more move then they got. no one likes seeing hard caught legendary get one shoted, even if they dont do the earth type they probably remake gen 4 on the Nintendo switch they probably get some time new stuff added to them. if they do that we all know gen 4 starters are getting megas. where Legendre probably get primals cause mega evolution wil
  3. that would be awesome... give me reason put on deep mexican voice. be like Ludicolo <3
  4. grass ass immunity to ground fire/water/fighting are x2 effective thought would give grass types more competitive spotlight cause have so many weaknesses at the moment. and gaining a immunity help them out somewhat might make competitive more useful pokemon currently lower teir useful Good pokemon to point this is Tropius watch has such great design but it such a bad pokemon do to this horrible stats too many weaknesses
  5. Fire, Grass.Water Fighting Grass gains immunity to earth Fire/Water /Fighting are not very effect when move used against it
  6. then it gains water, fire, grass weakness watch i hate say it very common. what are free starters. it would grass actually useful majority of grass types also if game freak did do this not saying will they could make it were moves current in the game. have different effects . Like Earthquake cant hit flying types like it does now (leviate still works) and Stone Edge - has 70 base power but if target is flying or has levitate it deals 120 base power (ouch) so it can become quiet common "Earth type Pokemon will have more one type of same m
  7. just sharing my opinion on this yes steel is a alloy but it made from metals or stones mined from the earth its made from iron mix of other metals found in earth Earth is like stone, mines, dirt rocks metals and ores crystals gems diamond ores Steel doesn't really have many pokemon list is rather small. and rock by itself has way too many common weaknesses to every be useful competitive can you name single rock type that isn't duel typing now thats good in competitive not talking about duel typing . am talking jus
  8. "Remove Rock/Ground/Steel Type" from the game "New Type "Earth Type" All Steel moves/rock moves and ground moves become earth type Offensive- Ice Flying Fairy Poison Electric Dark Defenses These types are not very effective against Earth type Pokémon Normal, Ice, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Bug, Poison/Fairy Immunity These types are super-effective an Earth Type Water Grass Fire Fighting Stats HP A+ Att B- Def S SP C- Sp Def B- Speed
  9. anything on this list really doesn't have anything to do with actual Pokemon games. but the key factors 1. having items already in the game. that just don't work. finding out they do not work. cause some reason god knows why devs keeps in the game just don't function at this point of time. honestly wouldn't bother me so much. if they weren't sell-able. but they are and people get free money of players don't have the knowledge. some jackass just ripped you off. of course this is devs fault. when they advertised this game while back advertisement read and quote Poke
  10. https://pokemondb.net/egg-group/mineral Just give insight what I am talking about Pokemon is gender-less are little harder to breed then normal Pokemon who have male/female. with this game breeding set up its extremely hard to breed a meta gross, volt-orb. ect Pokemon gender. what am proposing doesn't mean that make it easier to breed. what I am saying is perhaps make it all like all other Pokemon. adding male/female versions of these pokemon or item for breeding this specific Pokemon Simple Fix is make Dittos breed with each other. so makes it like all other Pokemon in game
  11. I just want something do with my friends dont want easy mode. just want team battles hard is it to understand Team battles
  12. what about double battles when 2 ppl fight in single battle
  13. how it is not fun a random generated dungeon. with its own random encounter, items and double battles. that you can enjoy with your friends instead always playing by yourself. i play with 6 different ppl they all say same.. game offers nothing when it comes to playing casually with your friends. i mean in other mmos there at least something you can play with your friends or family instead of fighting each other. competitive pvp isn't end all be all their has to be more
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