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  1. Very good mod, I love the cries of the 3ds, thank you very much for your contribution!
  2. Any idea of when a new version comes out? or the red version? It's a lot of talent to leave it in the air I think, your subject is super nice, I hope you bring us something compatible soon ...
  3. And what is that exclusive channel to speak Spanish? Because I have not seen channels that are identified by their language.
  4. Wow, I expected it to be lower, but hey, thanks for the quick response, good morning / afternoon.
  5. Hello, the truth is that I have not played PokeMMO for a long time, and there is one thing I want to know, what is the appearance of a shiny pokemon? I know that this question can be asked in the game chat, but when I did it, they took me for the joke. Thanks and regards.
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