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  1. It looks amazing, thank you so much.
  2. I'd like a shiny Gallade please.
  3. Hey, can I have one too? Please
  4. My partner is Gallade, it's a tank. Most often than not it has gotten me out of tricky situations and it's been a beast in PvP. I can't think of a team that doesn't revolve around my Gallade. (PS: it's shiny is dope)
  5. I think he is talking about amnesia brace and wants it changed in such a way that the holder doesn't have to be first. As it eats up time to change from holder to another poke and to kill the horde. He is suggesting that it should act like a EV share with no exp gained but give half of the EV's. (I think that's what he is trying to say)
  6. Over a hundred encounters later the dratini rate is about 10%. If the rate is not nerfed then as matoka said I might be just plain unlucky.
  7. Hello, Has the dratini spawn rate been nerfed at Mt.coronet?? According to pokedex it's common here but I've encountered only a single dratini in about 20 encounters.
  8. Value of shiny whismur and shiny Caterpie?
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